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    Quote Originally Posted by r_j View Post
    I really want Thalia to be pronounced like Talia, because I love the spelling. I thought it was for a long time, but it's THAY-lee-uh.

    I am sure there are plenty of Talias out there spelled Thalia, but I can't do it on principle now!
    Aw, it's just regional. In a lot of languages, "th" just equals "t", so it's not necessarily incorrect or wrong to pronounce it that way if that's how you prefer it. I would, however, say that "THAY" is incorrect, if we're talking about the Greek name. It's definitely either an "ah" sound if you're pronouncing it with the emphasis on the first syllable, or just "TUH" if you're pronouncing it in a more Spanish way, with the emphasis on the second syllable. For the record, I was a Classics minor, and all the professors pronounced it THAWL-ya.

    ETA: transliterated from Greek, it's literally, thuh-LEE-uh.

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    At first I believed Aurelia was pronounced "Au-rell-ia" but then I learned it's really "Au-reel-ia". But I've come to like the real pronunciation.
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    @cosmonaut- Thank you for the info. I should start a thread called "Names you love only to find out you're pronouncing it wrong....twice."

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    Yeah, Cassia is one of them. :P
    Elena I thought was Elle-en-uh, then I watched TVD and found out it was Ah-lay-na, but apparently my former thought is also correct, so yays.

    Aurelia I thought was "Aw-rah-lee-ah" apparently it's "aw-REEL-yah" Ick.

    The G in Gemma I thought was pronounced like G-um.

    Nathalie I thought was "Na-THA-lee"

    There have been so many! Lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sari View Post
    At first I believed Aurelia was pronounced "Au-rell-ia" but then I learned it's really "Au-reel-ia". But I've come to like the real pronunciation.
    I live in a french community and Aurel (au-rell) and Aurelia (au-rell-ia) are quite common. I have never heard Aurelia be pronounced as Au-reel-ia.

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