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    My mind is telling me not to like it. I don't like many smushed-together names or "made-up" names, and the look of this name really puts me off. However, my ears are saying that I do enjoy this name. Aesthetically, I would spell it Avabell. Avabelle looks like it's TOO much, and Avabel is too similar to Isabel. I don't like Avabella at all, although I am a fan of Arabella. Avabella just doesn't roll off the tongue. I also agree with dindlee and lexiem. I also like lexiem's suggestions of Ava Belle Victoria.
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    I hate made up names but Avabelle doesn't sound bad at all. I don't like the multiple a endings in Avabella. Arabella is the street that I live on so I don't associate it with a name anyway. Could you separate the names and just name her Ava Belle? Then it's a sweet double name, not a made up name.

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    Would you consider Avia, meaning "bird like"? I think that's so pretty. My personal feeling about mashup names... at first I really don't like them, but after a little while the names, or maybe just the child grows on me. I used to babysit a Jessalyn and a Kateliegh. At first I didn't like their names but now I think they are cute. So if you like it others will too in time, even if not at first.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lexiem View Post
    I don't really love Avabelle or Avabella but Ava-Belle Victoria or Ava Belle Victoria would work. (Somehow combined Avabelle is just odd to me). But I agree with dindlee Arabella Victoria (AV) could be enough inspiration for Avie.
    I compltely agree with lexiem.

    Avabella and Avabelle look 'off' to me. I think Ava Belle Victoria, nn Avie would be gorgeous.
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    I'm not that keen. Prefer Arabella. Far classier.

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