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    I love...

    Arden, Tucker (if only it didn't rhyme with a particular word), Declan, Jacoby (no K for me), Thaddeus, Dante, Sebastian, Miles (no y), Leander, Evander, Tobias, Finnegan, Asher and Cortland for a boy.

    Carys, Lorelei, Aurora, Jessamine, Florence, Persephone and Josephine are all gorgeous.
    Florentina Arleen Belle & River Isaac James

    Zeke Gabriel Asher - Atlas Xavier Louis - Oren Zachary Jude
    Bear William Oscar - Leif Sebastian Arthur
    Pandora Ottilie Winter - Indira Persephone Rose - Elowen Matilda Carys
    Adelaide Junia Scarlet - Clemency Eden Willow

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    Mae - Pretty, but prefer as a middle name.
    Josephine - I like this!
    Doveva - A little too out there for me.
    Magdalena - I like this. It's also my fiance's grandma's name so it has some meaning there :-)
    Grace - Nice but I'm a little bored of it.
    Persephone - In theory I like it, but there are no obvious nicknames, and no nns that I like for this name.
    Seraphina - Like.
    Helene - It's ok.
    Georgia - Not bad. It's grown on me.
    Florence - Don't like a name with "flo" in it.
    Claire - Love!
    Jessamine - Sorry, I think this name is ugly. Harsh I know, but my honest opinion.
    Ember - I kinda like this.
    Rhiannon - It's ok. NMS but nice.
    Bethany - Not bad.
    Artemesia - A little too out there.
    Rosamunde - It's ok. I like other "rose" names like Rosaline better.
    Jasmine - Not bad.
    Zelda - Should probably just be a GP name.
    Aurora - Don't love it but don't hate it either.
    Sheherazade - Should probably stay a GP. This would be a pronunciation/spelling nightmare.
    Gidgette - Too cutesy.. maybe good for a dog.
    Gisele - Kinda like.
    Naomi - Not bad.
    Lorelei - Like but don't love.
    Verity - NMS.
    Carys - Like.
    Natalya - Pretty but strongly prefer Natalia (and prefer Natalie even more).

    Levi - Not bad.
    William - A good classic. A little boring though.
    Jackson - Overdone.
    Arden - Meh.
    Robert - A classic I don't hear that often anymore.
    Tucker - Don't like.
    Felix - Good name for a cat IMO.
    Declan - Meh. I just don't see the appeal.
    Roland - It's ok. NMS but it could grow on me.
    Nicodemus - A little too much of a name.
    Jakoby - Don't like this spelling.
    Thaddeus - It's nice but NMS.
    Dante - Like.
    Sebastian - Like a lot.
    Grayson - Don't like.
    Myles - Don't like this spelling. Miles is nice.
    Thatcher - NMS but ok.
    Lysander - Don't really like.
    Leander - I only know this as a last name so it's an odd choice for me.
    Evander - Not bad.
    Tobias - Like.
    Finnegan - Don't like.
    Asher - Love!
    Cortland - NMS.
    Zephyr - Don't like.
    Campbell - Don't like.
    Kester - Seems made up at first glance.
    Top 10 girl's names: Serena * Audrey * Sienna * Bridget * Lucy * Hazel * Cordelia * Josephine * Claire * Alice
    Top 10 boy's names: Elliott * Callum * Theodore * Emmett * Nolan * Ian * Blake * Brennan * Adrian * Everett

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