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    Names of upcoming female American tennis players

    Since the Australian Open is going on right now there has been a buzz on young Americans on the female side so I thought this would be an interesting thread.

    A lot of these are the trendy, unisex names (that have turned female lately).

    Included the middle names if I could find them:

    Madison Keys - 17 years old
    Sloane Stephens - 19 years old
    Jamie Lee Hampton - 23 years old
    Taylor Townsend - 16 years old
    Coco Vandeweghe - 21 years old
    Christina McHale - 20 years old

    and if you look in the juniors

    Tornado Ali Black - 14 years old. Tornado is apparently her nickname. Unfortunately her sister is.....
    Hurricane Black - 12 years old? Apparently Hurricane is her real name. Oh dear.

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    As a tennis fan I'm surprised and delighted someone started a thread on this!

    I have to admit most of them aren't my style- I'm generally not the biggest fan of unisex names. Interesting to see them on teens and "adults" (rather than newly named babies) though. I guess proof that they work in real life?

    From the UK: Heather Watson (20 years old), Laura Robson (18)
    Canada (not at the AO though): Eugenie Bouchard (18) (she's French Canadian, there should be an accent on the second E), Aleksandra Wozniak (25)
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    I decided on posting this thread because of the unusual (at least for me) amount of unisex names of these up and comers. Apparently Sloane and Madison are players of the future on the American side.

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    Quick update:

    Tornado Alicia Black is in the Junior Finals of the US Open tournament. Buzz is abound with her name and her sister's name, Hurricane.

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