View Poll Results: Felicity, Adelaide, Bronwen, or Savanna?

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  • Felicity Eleanor

    56 50.91%
  • Adelaide McKenna

    16 14.55%
  • Savanna Tess

    17 15.45%
  • Bronwen Noelle

    21 19.09%
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    Twins coming soon, no names!

    We are expecting boy girl twins within the next month and we still have a long list of names for them.

    For girls we are torn between:

    Felicity Eleanor, Adelaide McKenna, Bronwen Noelle, and Savanna Tess. Which is your favorite?

    Our potential boys' names are: Ronan Patrick, Tristan Joshua, Silas Jonathan, and Colby Rhett.
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    A hard choice between Felicity and Adelaide, but I went with Felicity since I love Eleanor and dislike McKenna. Adelaide Bronwen would be a lovely and interesting combo though!
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    I really like the name Adelaide, but I like Bronwen better. I know 2 and they are both fantastic and completely different but such strong and worthy women. If that's what all Bronwen/Bronwyns are like, I'll name all my kids that.
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    If you are open to mixing and matching, my favorite combo would be Adelaide Tess.
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    From your options, I like Adelaide McKenna and Bronwen Noelle. But Adelaide Noelle or Adelaide Bronwen is better for me.

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