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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    That's my gut feeling too. Maybe why the girl names are so difficult for me.. [name]
    Well if you really are having a boy then you're all set with an amazing name list and have nothing to worry about. Clearly the potential anxiety of not being able to find a fitting girls and boys name is a down-side when you wait for the birth to find out the gender. However, it does allow for more fun-time for the rest of us.

    I didn't have strong reactions to many of the other names but just basic thoughts (the second and third are more negative the first is really neither here nor there): Millaray reminds me of Millinery (hat making), Gwenllian struck me as looking like a smush between Gwen and Jillian/Lillian. and Melisande is too strongly tied to the creepy red women from Song of Ice and Fire (Melisandre).
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    I always enjoy looking through your name lists, you've always got a real unique selection of great names.

    My favorites:

    I don't have time at the moment to do a lot of commenting, but I wanted to share a few from our list (in case any of them might be to your taste), since it seems like we sometimes have a similar taste in names:
    Cerelia (Latin = relating to springtime)
    Anya (Russian = grace)
    Athena (Greek mythology name)
    Nyla (Arabic = winner)
    Lucia (Latin = light-- feminine variation of Lucius)
    Allira (Aboriginal Australian = quartz)
    Aziza (Arabic/Swahili = mighty)
    Carys (Welsh = love)
    Senara (Cornish = light)
    Cyra (Persian = sun;throne- feminine variation of Cyrus)
    Amaryllis (Greek = to sparkle)
    Cordelia (Latin/Gaelic = heart/daughter of the sea)
    Linnea (Swedish = twinflower)
    Nasrin (Persian = wild rose)(nas-REEN)
    Danae (Greek goddess of music and poetry)(dah-NAY)
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    sunshine: Thanks, I can see the Arcadia - Arcade thing, but with the british pronunciation it sounds quite different.

    lexiem: That's what I'm thinking too! I'm glad it's fun for someone though... I'm starting to freak out! only ten more weeks!

    javad: I do like Allira, Senara, Cyra, Amaryllis and Nasrin! Danae I kind of forgot about. I took her of my list because I kind of wanted Perseus for a boy's name (and she was Perseus's mother) but Perseus isn't on the list anymore... There's a really beautiful Waterhouse painting, as well as a Klimt one and I like for a name to have some art or literature or history tied to it. Thank you!
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    I am sort of in awe at the incredibly beautiful names you have on your list so I haven't commented before, but eventually the list got the better of me...things might get a bit poetic from now on!

    Circe* - despite the negative connotation in the Odyssey, otherwise, this name cannot be faulted. It sounds like the sea - a bit like Illyria in the way it flows off the tongue... Circe Illyria is gorgeous.
    Fiammetta - I cannot get over Fiammetta. The painting is such a beautiful namesake - four syllables of pure indulgence, strong-willed yet sweet - LOVE.
    Hespera - this name is both strong and wistful at the same time...if that's possible?
    Illyria* - like Circe, Illyria flows so wonderfully - does it sound like water flowing to anyone else?
    Lysandra - this name sounds so musical to me, like the title of a piece of classical music.
    Melisande - unique and incredibly evocative: it reminds me of clouds scudding on windy days.
    Oriana - I can picture an Oriana, hair whipped by the wind, running barefoot across the night sky - I'm getting quite into this now...
    Oriel* - have always loved the -iel names - Oriel is so airy and light.
    Rosamund - I have a weakness for all the 'rose' names, so just love this one.

    1) Melisande or Circe (it's too difficult!)
    2) Oriana
    3) Illyria
    4) Fiammetta
    5) Lysandra
    6) Hespera
    6) Oriel
    7) Rosamund
    Sorry if the descriptions were a bit much - I couldn't help myself Congratulations and good luck - I have no doubt that you will decide on a stunning name for your baby. (after you've managed to pick just one!)

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    Oh sorry to add more writing but Proserpine/Proserpina might be a possibility? It just has that mythological/artistic history going for it - it means "to emerge" - lovely for a Spring March baby!

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