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    Robin! love it
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    I didn't know Robin was a nickname. It was a full name as far back as Robin Hood, so I figure it's a stand-alone. I love it and far prefer it to Robert.
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    It seems strange to use Robin as a nick name, I've never heard of that. It'd be like using Mary as a nick name for Margaret. Like, I sort of get it and sort of don't.

    Anyway, prefer Robin. But Robert is fine, and it seems like you're leaning that way, anyway! As a nickname, I prefer Rob or Robbie. Robin as a nickname seems like a stretch, I don't know why. Like you wanted to have your cake and eat it, too, rather than make a choice?

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    Robin is a nickname for Robert, but it's more along the lines of a variation. I think in medieval times, this was pretty common--there was Jackin or Jankin for Jack or John, Dickon for Richard, etc. Robin is a diminutive variation on Robert that has come down to us intact probably because of Robin Hood. It's not the same as using Mary as a nickname for Margaret--Mary and Margaret are distinct names with separate etymologies.

    I currently prefer Robin--it sounds fresh and cute for a boy, while having a long and rich history (and "The Dark Knight Rises" will probably only help the name's image!) And I only know one male Robin (middle-aged--his father was English), while I seem to know a plethora of Roberts and Bobs from my parents' and grandparents' generation. But Robin does seem a little lightweight compared with Robert, and Robert is used rarely enough now that on a baby it actually would sound fresh. And then you'd have the nickname options Rob, Robbie, Bob, Bobby, Bert and Bertie! as well as Robin.

    I seem to have made a case for either one...sorry.
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    I love the idea of a boy named Robin. Especially since the last Batman movie came out.

    Robert nn Robin is a good one too. I'm stumped on middle beyond the typical "Robin Alexander"
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