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    Molly is the winner but she needs a middle name!

    Molly will be the name of our precious little girl in April but my pick for Janelle as a middle name has been thrown out by my hubby.
    Our sons have classic middle names and we're kinda leaning that way with Molly as well. Though if the right name comes along - we'll know.

    Molly Isabella
    Molly Elizabeth
    Molly ???????

    Suggestions please

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    Off of your list I like Molly Elizabeth since Molly Isabella is very l heavy. I like the idea of Molly Beatrix/Beatrice or Molly Genevieve. Both are underused classics that go well with Molly.
    Hope that helps!

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    I really like both Molly Isabella and Molly Elizabeth; the L sound in both names ties them together so nicely. I rather prefer Elizabeth for the rhythm, but Isabella seems more unusual in the middle. You might also consider:

    Molly Amelia
    Molly Madeleine or Molly Matilda (if you like alliteration)
    Molly Elinor
    Molly Olivia
    Molly Josephine
    Molly Alice
    Molly Adelaide
    Molly Evangeline
    Molly Aurora

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    I second the suggestion of Molly Beatrice!
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