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    Great nicknames for Taylor??

    Thanks to all of you who have helped us in our search for the right name for our baby girl.

    I was searching to name her after my grandmother. However, after many suggestions, I realized that another person I wanted to honor, my brother, had the perfect name for her. His name is Clinton Taylor and Taylor just clicked. It goes so well with our other daughter's name Dakota. They will both have tom-boyish names. My brother is severely handicapped and was just placed on hospice at age 23. He has been a light in my life and I always wanted to carry him on in some way.

    So our daughter's name will be Taylor Emiko (Eh-mi-ko) which means "Child graced with beauty" in Japanese. My husband is Japanese so all our children have Japanese middle names.

    Now, I am thinking about nicknames for our sweet girl.

    Can any of you suggest creative girly nicknames for Taylor?

    The obvious ones being Tay, and T. I've also thought of Lori and Taya.

    What else can you come up with??

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    Allie, Alie (hard A), Tallie.

    Taylor sounds fine on its own, though. No need for nicknames, really.

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    Maybe Ayla.

    Also can I say even though its not a typical berry name I love Taylor and Tayla was an option for my name and I like it a bit more then my actual name.
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    I like Lori a lot! I can't think of anything else though.
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    How about Aylee? You can also spell it in an Irish way, Eilidh, but that's harder to pronounce and Aylee looks really cute.

    What about Lyra? It's a bit of stretch but with the same letters...

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