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    What do you think of Dean?

    I started watching Supernatural recently, and Jensen Ackles has made me consider the name Dean in a whole new light. I realize Dean won't be everyone's cup of tea, but in general what do you think of the name? How do you think it would wear on a guy who doesn't slay monsters? I'm sort of just wanting to get a feel for how Dean is perceived, because it's a name I never see brought up on Nameberry. I'm in the US, if that sways opinions.


    Also wanted to add: Dean is currently #284 in the US, with 1230 births in 2011. Anyone else surprised that it ranks that high?
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    I'm not surprised at all. Dean seems very current and sturdy, always under the radar but very cool. I always loved it because of Gilmore Girls, but then I met a Dean who sort of made it not-so-appealing, but I still find it very sturdy and timeless and down-to-earth. I would love meeting a cute little Dean.
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    I think Dean is a great name, it has a very cool vibe, especially with the James Dean connection
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    All of the connections for Dean are pretty awesome, in my opinion. Like people said- Gilmore Girls, James Dean, Supernatural. It's very masculine and sturdy, like ash said above. I'm a bit partial to it because of Jensen Ackles' character, but even without that, I think it's a handsome, solid name.
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    I agree with you; I am surprised it ranks that high! If I heard the name, I would assume an older man initially, but I LOVE Dean on a baby! It is very charming, timeless, and recognizable. I think others may be beginning to think that it's time for a comeback for Dean, too (possibly why it is #284, I mean)

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