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    Phoebe Clementine is kind of perfect!! Olive is another of my favorites

    Etta is pretty, I don't think it would be hard to wear, I just really love Phoebe.

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    I absolutely adore Juliet "Etta" Valencia! I think it is perfect, with a very special meaning for you. I don't think it would be hard to wear at all; I can see Etta on a baby just as well as I can see it on an older woman. Etta is definitely a favorite of mine, as well as Olive!

    Phoebe has never really appealed to me for some reason; in my opinion, it'd be harder to wear as she gets older than Etta. Phoebe Clementine does sound lovely, though

    I just love your taste in names, by the way. Best of luck with whatever you decide!!

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    I think Juliet "Etta" Valencia is the stronger name. Phoebe Clementine is really sweet, but it could be anyone's name. There will only be one Etta Valencia - her name sounds completely famous!

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    Phoebe Clementine is stunning!
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    Thanks everyone! It's really useful to get other suggestions... The big day is just a short time away (hopefully!). I think we've got some combos that are perfect and we'll see which one looks like the perfect fit!

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