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    Favorite V Name: Victoria, Violet, Vesper.

    I've been thinking about using a V name for my next daughter.

    The combination we've come up with is Victoria Maureen. What do you think about this combination? I like how it sounds together and the meaning.

    My OH also likes Violet (which can sound like Violent, especially with my mothers accent) and Vesper (yes, from Casino Royale). What do you think? My DDs name is Primrose Achlys and I don't know if I want to use two floral names.

    I really like V names, but can't decide on one.

    What type of girl do you imagine with these names? What type of nicknames would you use? Are any of these names dated or subject to teasing? Please add possible middles.

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    I'm not a fan of Maureen at all, but I love Victoria.

    I don't like Violet or Vesper much at all.

    Vanessa - A solid name, nothing bad or overly wow about it. I like the nn of Nessa, Van, V.
    Veronica - Ehh, not a fan.
    Vesper - It sounds like a car to me
    Victoria - LOVE, I intend to use Tori if I have a daughter and name her Victoria, or V/Vee.
    Virginia - I don't understand why anyone would want to name their daughter something to tied to sexuality, personally. Not a fan, sorry.
    Violet - It's nice, but the Violent thing is too strong for me. My brother always used to say Violent instead of Violet when he was younger. And I see it so much that it's just blah.
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    Victoria Maureen feels a bit dated to me.

    Vanessa, Veronica, Virginia - nms. Virginia is really similar to Virgin and I lived in the State for a while and it always strikes me as odd.
    Vesper - fun and spunky. It does remind of the cocktail and James Bond. (My favorite from your list).
    Victoria - Very classic oddly I think of Lake Victoria before I think of the queen.
    Violet - feels like one of the obvious choices right now. I do love it though.

    I currently really like Valencia, Violetta, Viveca, and (the more old fashioned) Velma as V- names. If you are still considering others.
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    What about Victoria Maura?

    Vanessa ~ Pretty. I think its the only one of those 80's French names (Tiffany, Nicole, Michelle) that will become a classic. Still retains a sophisticated French air. Vanisa is an Indian (Hindu) name which is similar, but it means "goddess of the forest".
    Veronica ~ NMS
    Vesper ~ I love the meaning
    Virginia ~ as Lexiem said, the meaning is a bit odd.
    Violet ~ pretty.

    I like Verity as a "v" name, it has a wildness of sound to balance the austerity of its meaning.
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    Vivian or Vivienne is my favorite V name. The nickname Vivi is so cute. (Not as an official nickname, but a pet name).

    After that I like Victoria and Violet the best.
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