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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Ps Saramezz I'd be devastated too if the royal baby is Alice! I've only met 1 Alice since my Alice was born. It would kill me if there was 100s of Alices wondering around as a result!
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    Ugh this two week wait is killing me! Tomorrow I will be at 9dpo and I am soooo desperate to test but I know it's sort of pointless. I've been feeling a but off but that could be anything; and then tonight I had excessive amounts of ewcm making me wonder if I even ovulated when I thought I did... And now thanks to google I'm paranoid about all sorts of things! Argh! Stepping away from ipad now......
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    Welcome to all the newbies on the thread! I wish you all the best in this TTC journey.

    Lindseywhite - I also have PCOS, so it will be interesting to see how much that plays into the TTC process. When I was first diagnosed, I went months and months without a period, but before I went on the Pill (2 years ago), everything was pretty regular. I talked to my doctor about it last year and she said if I notice anything odd while TTC (like periods not showing up) I should come see her right away.

    Andieta - We didn't have any flooding here but our house lost power until midnight on Monday. That was the craziest weather I've seen in a long time!

    I am with you all on the fear of someone "stealing" your names. I know about 12 pregnant people right now, though at least half are acquaintances whose choices aren't likely to impact mine. My best friend is due in November and I'm really curious about her choices (she wouldn't tell me her girl name).

    Sarahmezz and Ktook76, I've recently developed a name crush on Alice after reading What Alice Forgot, but sadly my husband nixed it because it reminds him of Alice Cooper. Sigh...
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    @december the TWW is brutal!! Hope yours flies by and ends in positive news!!

    Soo I caught a cold yesterday. Started last night, sore throat and cough, sneezing and headache. Now I just have the sore throat and on and off headaches. This TWW sucks! On a positive note - cramps seemed to have subsided since this morning.
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    Should be ovulating very soon, just hoping my husband's job schedule and libido issues don't cause us trouble like the past few months. Fingers crossed!

    I'd be kinda irked if someone stole my favourite girl name, but I'd still use it. I've had it picked out for ages and it honors an important deceased family friend. So even if every pregnant person I know named their daughter Claudia I would still use it.

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