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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @lindsey - I want to congratulate you, but realise you've got lots of worries at this stage. I can't comment on the likelihood of things working out for you, but I've definitely got my fingers crossed! I imagine ultrasounds detect twin pregnancies very early. I saw in another thread someone said it's almost impossible to miss twins at eight weeks, so makes sense that you can detect them at six weeks. I think a pregnancy is considered viable when a heartbeat is detected, but, like any pregnancy, there's a risk of miscarriage in the first twelve weeks. Even then, there's an elevated risk of complications with twins. But, as scary as this sounds, it's very exciting! I hope everything works out for you. Looking forward to following your journey (and discussing twin names when the time comes!).

    Personal update - My fertile period begins today! Second cycle TTC. I'm ovulating next Wednesday (8/5). Fingers crossed for me, too
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    @Blade and @Poppy: Thank you for clearing some things up. I had read in the past that peeing beforehand was helpful because waiting to pee for extended periods of time could also cause a UTI. (I'm questioning now if I'm remembering things incorrectly?) I suppose that would only be if your bladder is full.

    I guess I should also say I haven't been jumping right up after the deed to go because that would be pointless. But I have only been waiting about 10 minutes. Is that enough time?

    Thanks for the tip on washing beforehand, Blade. That's one of those "it's so simple it's genius" deals. I'll admit for me it's hard to think straight in the heat of the moment, but I can make it work for baby-making purposes.

    @Alzora: Similarly, my husband would look at me strangely as I laid there with my rear and legs in the air. I'm just trying to get some kind of edge to help the little swimmers out. But women have been getting pregnant situated nicely and comfortably for centuries. I'm going to relax a little as far as that goes.

    Oh how my heart aches! I'm watching my sisters belly get bigger and bigger and I battle jealousy almost everytime. :|
    @butterflykisses: I know exactly how you feel. It just plain stinks. <3

    @lindseylou: How exciting yet terrifying. My thoughts are with you and I wish the safest outcome for you and your babes.

    @sarahmezz: Good luck! Fingers crossed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by andieta View Post
    I guess I should clarify that I pee before just because I don't like the feeling of a full bladder.
    I do the same thing, Andie. Mostly because it sometimes makes me uncomfortable while DTD and I have had to actually cut things off quickly to relieve my bladder then resume things after. =/ I try to make sure that does not happen any more.

    @butterflykisses: I can relate. My sister is 3.5 years younger than me, not in a stable relationship, and she has a 7 year old and a 10 month old. She seems to get pregnant without really trying. It's hard for me not to feel a bit behind, but I know that I am just now in the right place in my life to bring children into the world.

    @sarahmezz: My fingers are crossed for you!

    I cannot wait for next month, when I can finally join you ladies on this TTC journey. The anticipation is killing me! That, along with some other major life changes we're currently making (like moving to another state and finding a new job!).
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    @butterflykisses, I can't answer your question about sperm count, but I do sympathize with you on the BFN. It is such a horrible feeling, especially when people close to you are celebrating their pregnancies and babies. :'(

    @Lindsey, TWINNIES!! YAAAY! Twins are SUCH an amazing experience, and no, I'm in no way biased in that twin sister can vouch for me, I have a completely unbiased view of twinhood.

    @Sarah, good luck! Hopefully you will have great success these next few days and be celebrating in about two weeks.

    @Corvus, sometimes I try to be normal about these things too...but that never lasts long.

    @Kataklysm, the wait to start TTC drove me absolutely crazy. I had vaginismus holding me back, among other things. I did best when I focused on non-baby things. But only a month until you start! Yay!

    I am trudging through my two-week wait, not analyzing any signs or symptoms yet because it's too early, as Blade explained. Implantation wouldn't happen until the middle of next week. Wouldn't it be nice if I could get a BFP and not have to go for that HSG test after all.... Those Wondfo ovulation tests made me feel more confident about our attempt this month than any of our previous eight cycles. I am sure we hit ovulation this time, and the days immediately preceding it. Going crazy with the wait...spending too much time on Nameberry. I locked my stupid keys in the car so now I can't go anywhere on this beautiful sunny day until my husband gets home from work. So how on earth will I keep myself off Nameberry. Even when I play the piano for a distraction I find myself playing songs from children's movies and thinking about future kids. When I walk my dog I find myself wondering how I will walk him and a stroller at the same time. When I read my Abraham Lincoln biography I find myself adding his contemporaries' names to my baby name list. I've gone off the deep end I think.
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    Hahaha Oh my goodness Alzora! I totally relate! I guess I didn't realize how funny it is until you said it out loud, oh my word. I do the same exact things every fricken cycle, and I always feel a lil nutty Lol.
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