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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Thank you for your unwavering support concerning my insurance troubles, kind people of Nameberry Land.

    @Andrea, I cannot alleviate a single one of your medical concerns. I cannot tell you if they are valid concerns, or offer any tips on any of those topics. But I can offer you this, from one worrier to another: "Courage, dear heart."

    @nowakasia, eight months is a long time to TTC with no positive results--I can vouch for that officially as of today. :/ I think you should keep your appointment regardless of what happens with your period tomorrow. I think that even if your period starts heavily before you go, you will still have lingering concerns in your mind that you will want to talk about with your OBGYN. Also, I understand about not obsessing over names as much after TTC for so long. I have noticed that I check the name threads less and less and mostly keep my Nameberry activity to the Momberry section anymore, though my name obsession still does spike during the two-week wait.
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    @alzora - I will keep my appointment no matter what. I just need to mentally prepare and make sure I don't forget to mention anything that might be important. I'm just psyching myself out too much. I'm sorry about your insurance woes... I've been following your struggle with all of that and all I can say is that really sucks! Why does the American health care system have to be such a mess? I hope your own appointment goes well and that somehow they're still able to do your test (and it gets paid for!).

    I know what you mean about being more into names during the 2 week or in my case longer, wait. Right now I'm just in a low interest in names mood. Ugh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nowakasia View Post
    Right now I'm just in a low interest in names mood. Ugh.
    Well I've found that during such lulls in name/baby obsession, I actually find myself engaging in constructive pastimes like reading and playing the piano, so perhaps it's not a bad thing for this interest to let up every once in a while. As for the mess that is the American healthcare system and my current personal dilemma, I'm surprisingly not as worried about it as I would have expected. Frustrated, yes, but I've always ultimately been able to get everything that I've ever needed health-wise (reference my unlikely accident survival and access to all necessary resources). My beliefs take over here, and I believe in Providence, and if an HSG test never becomes available to me, then it must be because I ultimately don't need it. Perhaps my Fallopian tubes aren't even blocked, or perhaps adoption will end up being the thing that satisfies my maternal longings. Yes, I'd like to have the test done, and even more than that I'd like to get straight answers from insurance representatives, but ultimately I won't let it ruin my life if this never works out. Thank you for your support! Good luck with your appointment tomorrow. Hope you are encouraged by what you hear.

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    Hello, all.

    I’ve decided to come out of my cave of self-pity after this round with AF. This last month I was late (first time in my entire life) so when I started I was completely crushed and embarrassed that I thought that this month was different. I’ve mostly gotten over it now, but I am a bit more cynical.

    I have been keeping up with everyone, and would like to say congratulations to all who have received BFPs and good luck to everyone who are going in for exams! I know I always get stressed out about them so I hope that all of you stay calm and stress-free and that you get good results.

    I do have a reason for posting (besides whining lol). I have been tracking my ovulation for a few months now (I use an app to figure out the days that I SHOULD be ovulating and I’m also using Clear Blue OV test strips), but each time I ovulate at a different time during the month; sometimes during the days when I should be and sometimes waaaay early or late. I think (hope) this may be a common problem and I was just wondering if anyone else has this problem, and if so, what methods do you use to track it? Right now the only way I can keep up is to use the kit pretty much every day, and I’m spending a fortune on test strips.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Hope that everyone is well.
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    @violetink- I'm so sorry you're having a rough time. My cycles were always different. I went 6 months without a period occasionally. The best thing I can recommend is the Wondfo ovulation and pregnancy test strips from amazon. They are super cheap, and very accurate. We got pregnant the first month I used them, so I know they work :-) Also, you might want to talk to your OB/gyn about your irregular cycles if you haven't already. Good luck and baby dust!
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