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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @MrsH, I looked up that book, and currently have it sitting in my cart on Amazon. But a slight glimmer of hope kept me from ordering it just yet, because it would take 4-14 days to arrive, and so by the time it gets here and I read it...well...I was thinking that maybe, just maybe, we could have conceived by then since it'll be past my ovulation. I mean of course it wouldn't kill me to acquire some knowledge about my body anyway, but...I don't know, don't question me, I'm trying to practice optimism for this cycle. I will order it on the day that AF arrives next, if it comes to that. Thanks for the tip! Have you talked to your doctor about your absence of bleeding?

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    Alzora, I get it, trust me. But you will learn so much from this book.

    Roseymaam, I recommend it to you too. In fact almost every question on this thread is answered by that book. If you've learned how to chart (and all that requires is a few minutes a day and commitment to doing it every day) you won't even need a pregnancy test to know you're pregnant. All that nail-biting would go away b/c you would know by your temps. You'd even know if you had a MMC.

    I can't recommend it highly enough. Unfortunately it's not a huge help to me ATM since I'm not ovulating. But it helped me learn that I wasn't, y'know? You will find out if you are a late ovulator or early, if you have a luteal phase deficiency, etc. It is great info to provide to your doctor to help him diagnose you if you're having trouble TTC. It's just great all around.

    Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler.

    Oh and I did speak to a nurse about my lack of bleeding. She just said, oh well you should bleed sometime before your follow-up appt. next month.

    I also have a little lump at one of my incisions and it hurts but I googled and that's normal. Sigh. Surgery is lame.
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    Well, I just got back from the dollar store and I have 5 pregnancy tests on hand. Say what you will, but this will be my fourth pregnancy using them and they have never failed me. I am excited about this cycle because my husband keeps insisting that I am pregnant already. I am only 1dpo so I don't know what is going through his head (he says he did his best work). He almost announced it to our friends at dinner tonight. It just feels nice that he is as excited to have a baby as I am. One of my fears is that the more children we have, the less excited we/he will be. I love it when he comes through for me even when he doesn't realize what he's doing.
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    Oh how exciting @skarbassoona! What a blessing to have your husband confident in it with you! Im about 7dpo and the anticipation is killing me, this last month was flying by until now! Every day is in slow motion it feels like lol. Any one else in their two week wait?!

    No symptoms of pregnancy though, even though its early, I dont "feel" pregnant. So im just waiting for my aunt flow to start so I can try again. But there still may a glimmer of hope right??
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    Question: Implantation bleeding? ... When? How much? Light pink or rust red?
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