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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by missusaytch View Post
    @Blade - thanks for the informative and entertaining list! And here's hoping Antoine does not have to wait long for a little brother or sister.

    I do have PCOS, obviously, but my DHEA, testosterone and the other hormones they checked are within normal range. Some of them are high normal but not all. My doc explained - in very simplistic layman's terms, obviously - that my body is working very hard to compensate and keep things at normal levels. I don't have all the symptoms - missing the hirsutism, deep voice, and other signs of excess testosterone, thankfully - but I do have the overweight, fatigue, slow metabolism, hypothyroid, insulin resistance, and other Syndrome X or metabolic syndrome type symptoms.

    I have also struggled many years with anxiety disorders. Started very abruptly with panic disorder about 10 years ago. Now it is more like what they call anxiety sensitivity disorder.

    Anyway. So @Alzora - I can certainly understand fear of change and the anxiety of becoming a parent. But I think I have the opposite issue from you. LOL! I feel like I am starting to get a little depressed by the TTC "journey" and trying to deal with my health issues while also facing the closing of the post where my husband works and an almost simultaneous 10 month deployment. If I'm not knocked up by September we will have a 10 month delay. I'll be 34 in August. He'll be 44 in June. Ten months is a long time for us. And when he gets back he probably won't have a job to back to. Meanwhile I am working part time from home and looking for full time work which almost doesn't exist here.

    My point is there is a lot to stress about. But my energy is so focused on breeding that it's probably unhealthy. I probably have a "there are no cats in America" vision of motherhood. Because my mild depressive symptoms are related to not conceiving I know that will be helped - assuming I don't get PPD or something, and who knows?

    This is such a difficult thing and it's so different for everyone. You've been through so much and you will also get through the scariness of getting pregnant and becoming a mom. :-)
    It only took us 4 months to get pregnant, so I'm not speaking based on personal experience, but I have witnessed many couples around us TTC and having a hard time and it always seemed like they ended up pregnant when they either stopped worrying about it or "gave up." I think you have to be ready for it, physically and mentally. Just give your emotions a break and don't stress about it. I know that's easier said than done, but it's worth a shot! My best friend's brother and his wife tried for 2 years and just when they totally gave up, she got pregnant.
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    Good luck, @stuffd! Keep us updated!
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    BFP test this morning! I am so shocked and excited! We are so blessed!

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    Congratulation! That's great!
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    @stuffd, AHHHH!!! YAAAAAYYY!!! Did you feel this coming during your two-week wait or was it a complete surprise? It always encourages me to see positive news on this thread. Congratulations!

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