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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @gracianern, I'm happy to hear things are getting back to "normal", is your husband more positive towards giving it another try now?
    @Sarah next month sounds perfect, I hope May brings many TTC 2013 baby's!
    I'm giving up on April too, after AF ended nothing happened, no CM, no sex drive, no positive ovulation test... nothing. No choice but to wait out this hormone-deserted-smooth-skin-dry-spell

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    @alzora yes, still in the middle of the waiting period. Btw did you triumph over Teresa-in-Billing and reschedule your eval?

    I keep thinking too about how great it would be to have a baby, but am dreading being pregnant. The first time it was a voyage of discovery, but now these are well-charted waters and it will just be uncomfortable, bulbous, etc. And I'll have to give up my beloved heroin, too.
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    @alzora, that cracked me up, mostly because when I finally saw photos of DH as a child, my first thought was "You looked exactly like Ron Howard. You're Opie!" ("Who??" haha). One extra note on the wondfos...remember that you're looking for a line the same or darker than the control line. I almost always saw a second line (the kind that would make you throw a party if it were on a HPT), but it'll be much darker when it's an actual positive!

    @gracianern, AF getting back to normal is great....hope the good news keeps rolling your way over the next few months and you and your family are continuing to heal.

    baby dust to everybody trying/waiting/looking to next month!
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    @sarahmezz - I believe in the old saying, it ain't over til your vagina bleeds.

    @alzora - You're right. I'm just in a bad mood, probably because I am an impatient person. I hate waiting for things. And unlike a lot of women I have the opposite of POAS-philia. I have POAS-phobia. I dread and loathe it. The whole idea of it makes me shudder. Prob because I've only ever gotten a BFN. :-)

    @blade - TBH that's been the hardest part of the TTC - giving up the sweet sweet horse.

    Can I rant for a sec? I went to the trouble of answering a chick's question on this stupid TTC site. Not a forum, but like an open Q&A section. I took a lot of time answering her. Trying to help. Her chart looked anovulatory. It was not biphasic. Which was her question! I explained why that was my opinion and told her what book I got my info from and wished her luck.

    But apparently I didn't put enough BABY DUST!!! And rainbows and sunshine.

    I saw another roughly 4,286 questions that could be answered by anyone with basic charting knowledge so I posted a public journal entry and said, hey, here's some advice, buy this book or one like it. If you're serious about TTC learning how to chart is gonna help you a lot. For most women it's a really reliable way of tracking your fertility and for the rest of you, you'll be able to show your doctor and figure out what's wrong.

    Well, the girl up whose butt I didn't blow enough sunshine found that journal and commented. About how RUDE I was. And how if I'm impatient because its taking me so long TTC I shouldn't take it out on others. This site is for support. I've only been TTC two months and as a matter of fact I DID ovulate and blah blah blah.

    I'm just... Why? Why ask? And furthermore why did I bother to answer? This is why I generally avoid interacting with strangers on the Internet. Y'all are a rare exception.

    People are so laaaaaaaaame. I went out of my way, took time out of my life, to look at her stupid chart and think about her stupid ovaries, sat there and looked hard at her temps and her effing CERVIX information and gave her a very careful answer, so careful I didn't have enough characters left to say BABY DUST GIRRRLLLLL RAWKKKK ON I KNOW THIS IS YOUR MONTH YAAYYYYYY!!!

    Which is what she wanted. Most answers are this: "Idk girl me too I'm 10 DPO having sore bbs, nausea, very rare for me anyway hope you get an answer hope this is our month baby dust!!!"

    I had holes drilled in my ovaries. I mean business. I assume others do too. But no. She didn't like my attitude. So I recommended she stay away from my journal, since it's a veritable cornucopia of my attitude.

    It will be glorious to not need that site. It's been very helpful and reliable for charting. But b***hes be trippin.

    No more helping strangers for me. Whatever that girl did was like the opposite of paying it forward. Paying it buttward? Idk. But she ruined it for everybody. Nobody else gets my help. They can just keep symptom spotting and leaving each other cartoon bunny-grams.

    I am all for support. But shouldn't actual intel be a vital component of that? Argh.
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    OK sorry for all that. But I have to add - 10 DPO and light spotting w/ a few steady days of dropping temps. Still above cover line, but dropping.

    Looks like AF is coming.

    I really thought I was going to be fine with this, since I finally ovulated and stuff, but I just kinda feel devastated.

    Edit: couple hours later, stronger cramps, still light pink-brown spotting, nausea. (Nausea prob cause I still haven't eaten today.) Feel pretty sure this is totally the witch. My husband hugged me and said we'll try harder (haha) next month. I know I should be grateful for what I have. I just feel sad. I wanted my January baby.

    I am gonna call my doc tomorrow and ask about him about progesterone. If I'm starting AF today at 10 DPO, um, no. A 9 day LP ain't gonna cut it.
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