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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Thanks for your responses, Blade and Whit32.

    I am definitely going to voice my concerns to the doctor tomorrow. It might be that I'm going straight to the lab for a blood test and not seeing him, in which case I will speak to the nurse and tell her my concerns and let her know I need a call from him.

    This doctor is an ob/gyn, not an RE. The nearest RE to me is on the coast, about an hour away. But this doc does specialize in infertility and came highly recommended to me by about a dozen people. When I moved I posted on the city forum about who was the best ob/gyn for infertility, and his name was shouted from the rooftops. I had people telling me they saw REs on the coast and in Jackson, even other states, tried for years, saw a bunch of docs, and no success til this guy. So far I've been very impressed. But I am concerned about the lack of u/s. And I need to find out what the deal is.

    Thanks so much for listening and giving me sound advice, y'all.

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    @MrsH, my fingers are crossed for you! You are going through so much right truly deserve to have that baby boy on January 2. I'm rooting for you.

    @Andrea, welcome to Nameberry! I'm curious as to why you're concerned about fertility (if you are comfortable sharing). No judgments've just joined the ranks of the best premature worriers around. But you'll have to compete with me if you're trying to win the honorable title of Nameberry's Most Obsessive Premature Worrier!

    @cvdutch, aw what the heck, maybe I'll grab some Mucinex for this next round. Wondfo, fertility appointment, annual exam, Mucinex. One of these variables should win me a baby, right?

    @blade, you're right that Lucy is the dear heart. But the name Lucy doesn't convey the magic of the series to me, nor does it evoke that feeling I get from the music to which I walked down the aisle that I think the name Narnia elicits. Lucy is familiar and doesn't give me chills, whereas Narnia just sounds like it should be embossed in gold font on a book cover, or emblazoned in red and gold script like in the film titles. I find it regal, though I know some people will find it tacky and cheap. Lewis got the name from the ancient Italian town Narni (Narnia in Latin) that still exists today, and that bit of history gives the name substance I think. I can't figure out what the name actually means, but ultimately it doesn't matter because its original meaning is moot thanks to the success of Lewis' stories. I know it's not everybody's cup of tea though. I figured she can go by Nara if she prefers--a Celtic name that means happy. I did find the option of the Scandinavian name Dyre, pronounced something like "DYE-ruh," that supposedly means "dear heart" but sounds like diarrhea to me. (Lol...look below, my husband and I have even been to Narnia. The lamppost at my alma mater during our engagement photo shoot was too perfect to pass up. )

    @whit, thank you for the compliments and well wishes! Hope you are feeling well!

    @Sarah, I love your name choices! Susannah and Arthur are names that my husband likes.
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    Alzora, love the photo. And I love your passion for Narnia, it's totally infectious. I am an utter nerd for LotR names; the only thing stopping me is my husband. Altho he does like Elanor. Which is kind of cheating because it sounds exactly like Eleanor and the fact that it's an elvish word for a flower would be our little secret. :-)

    And thank you v. much for yr kind words.
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    Alzora, very lovely photo (:

    Welcome new TCC ladies Taliface & Andieta!

    MissH, please keep us posted! I hope you're feeling better. Please let us know what the dr says. Wishing you well.

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    so... here's my question for today - how long does it take for my period to come back after the D&C?
    My OB said my normal cycle (26 days) after either the D&C procedure or the last day of bleeding from the miscarriage/procedure.
    That deadline was yesterday.

    What can be done if I end up at the end of the week and AF hasn't arrived yet?

    I am thinking that this may be why the husband has been a little wary of the intimacy. I think he's waiting for the 1 normal cycle before getting back to normal. that once we hit that milestone, everything is ok.

    So... when should I contact my doctor and what can even be done?
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