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  • Talbot Katherine

    6 8.82%
  • Camilla Blackwell

    14 20.59%
  • Camilla Katherine

    43 63.24%
  • Adair Carrington

    5 7.35%
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    Need Name Help -- Due in 8 Days!!

    Hello! We're struggling with our pick for a girls name with eight days to go!! I'm torn between using a more traditional girls name (Camilla - we've also considered Caroline and Annabel) and using a more distinctive/unusual/androgynous family name with a cute nickname. Would love to hear any thoughts on our short list!! Our last name is a single syllable name that begins with a "B." Older brother is Barclay. Katherine is my mother's name. The rest are family names.





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    Camilla Katherine is gorgeous!
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    I love Camilla, with Millie as a nickname. Tilly or Lily could even work too. If Blackwell has some family significance, I'm ok with that, but otherwise Camilla Katherine is too pretty to pass up!
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    I really love Adair, but personally I think Adair Carrington is a bit too much, for two reasons: it repeats the 'air' sound, and both the first and middle are surname names. Adair Camilla or Adair Katherine? Camilla Katherine is gorgeous as well.

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    I voted for Camilla Blackwell, mostly because I'm not too fond of your other combos. I don't think Talbot is a good choice for a girl, there's really not much feminine about it. With boy-girl siblings Barclay and Talbot, I think I would assume Barclay was the girl because of the -ee sound at the end. I would feel the need to ask.

    I adore Katherine (and Annabel), but Camilla is not a favourite, I prefer Caroline. Adair or Carrington are both ok, but not together.
    Katherine Adair would be my favourite pick, but Katherine Blackwell is also stunning ^^ Adair Katherine sounds a lot like Adair Carrington without being as gender-neutral.
    I love the sing-songy sound of Annabel Blackwell, but it might be too much for you? Annabel Carrington is also nice, or Adair Annabel or Annabel Adair. Caroline Blackwell or Caroline Adair also come to mind.

    I really do like the idea of using Katherine somewhere in the name, it's really beautiful. And there are so many creative nicknames to choose from, Kit is my favourite, but Kitty, Rina or vintage Kathy are all wonderful ^^
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