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    Middle name help just curious!

    Hello Berries!

    What middle names go well with Knox and Flynn? I can not think of any names that compliment them. Are these even nice boy names or blah? I like Knox because my grandmother who I am very close to lives on a street named Knox. I always look at the street sign every time I go there and Flynn I just think is handsome! Any suggestions would be great appreciated! Thanks!
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    These are fab boy names! Since they are both one-syllable names, you have a lot of choices in middles. (I tend to like to try to vary syllables to change up the rhythm.) Anyway, a lot of boy names are two-syllables, so there would be many available to you. Possibles could be: Abram, Riley, Samson, Madden, Jaxon, Turner, or maybe Miller. Good luck!

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    I had fallen in love with Knox Leon, till I found out it's a celebrity baby name (Brad Pitt's son) I feel like if I went with that which I love the way it sounds people would think I am stealing that combo or always bring it up. WDYT?
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    I am in the same predicament. I love the name Knox but coming up with a middle name is tough.
    Knox sounds so strong and masculine I would like something a little softer but all the names I like are pretty strong names.
    Here is what I have come up with so far:
    Knox Asher
    Knox Alister
    Knox Elias
    Knox Camden
    Knox Nathaniel
    Knox Alden
    Knox Oliver
    Knox Harrison
    knox Harlin
    So very excited to be expecting our 1st Baby August 3rd Boy: Knox Girl: Avery

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