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    You and your future husband (Lyra Miette and Felix Augustine) met in: College
    After a year of dating Felix Augustine proposes during an Easter party
    You both decide that you cannot wait to be married and have a quick civil ceremony and spend all of your money on a honeymoon to New Zealand
    After the honeymoon you and your husband are excited to find out that you are expecting your first child and decide to find a place to settle down before she arrives. You decide to move to California
    Six months after moving in you welcome your first child:
    Imogen Helena
    After a year you both decide that it's time to give your first born a sibling. You are both surprised to find out that you are welcoming multiples. You have:
    Gideon Nicholas and Ruth Snow and Elizabeth Gloria (Ruthie and Libby)
    You and your husband take 2 years to adjust to being outnumbered and decide that you love the chaos and want to have a big family. After your last pregnancy the doctors told you would have difficulty conceiving so you go right to IVF to help you conceive. After the first try you are successful and are expecting sextuplets:
    George Willoughby and Henry Niall and Theodore Edmond and Louisa Carolina and Beatrice Alexandrine and Florence Jessamine (Harry and Teddy and Lou and Bea and Floss)
    Unfortunately, there were complications with the birth of your sextuplets and you had to have a hysterectomy. You don't let it stop you and your husband from expanding your family and hire a gestational carrier Opal Prudence when the sextuplets are 2. Again you have immediate success and are expecting:
    DS: Simon Tiberius
    You loved the experience you had with (Opal Prudence) and decide to hire her again to finish off your family. You don't have the same luck that you had the first time and go 2 years with no success. With (Opal Prudence)'s blessing you hire a second woman (Araminta Cressida) that all three of you agree on and try IVF with both (Opal Prudence and Araminta Cressida) at the same time. You are successful and are expecting 9 children. (Opal Prudence) is expecting quads and (Araminta Cressida) is expecting quants.
    Humphrey Zebedee and Augustus Lazarus and Charles Barnabas and Nicholas Lucius and Frederick Phineas and Philippa Tabitha and Maud Magdalene and Matilda Junia and Adelaide Keturah (Gus and Chas and Nico and Fred and Pippa and Tilly and Lady)

    Felix and Lyra
    Imogen, Gideon, Ruth (Ruthie), Elizabeth (Libby), George, Henry (Harry), Theodore (Teddy), Louisa (Lou), Beatrice (Bea), Florence (Floss), Simon, Humphrey, Augustus (Gus), Charles (Chas), Nicholas (Nico), Frederick (Fred), Philippa (Pippa), Maud, Matilda (Tilly) and Adelaide (Lady)

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    Vancouver, Canada

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    DH: James Brennen
    DW: Nicole Juliana

    Met: in College
    Proposed: during a Valentine's day Party
    Honeymoon: Bahamas
    Move to: Rhode Island

    DS: Stanley Duncan
    DD/DD/DS: Hannah Noelle & Naomi Stella & Ephraim Joseph
    DS/DS/DD/DD/DS/DD: Alexander Maxim & Zachary Davis & Madeline Isobel & Charlotte Tessa & Nathan Hendrix & Sophia Coralie
    DD/DD/DD: Amelia Junia & Claire Sabina & Molly Camilla
    DD/DD/DD: Victoria Mahlah & Alice Keziah & Emma Salome
    DS/DS/DS/DS/DS/DS: Charles Adriel & Arthur Linus & William Lucius & Thomas Jethro & Henry Ephraim & Jasper Phineas

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    My name is Bella Rose De Luca and I am married to my wonderful husband Raphael James De Luca "Raffy"

    We met when we were in college. After a year of dating, Raffy proposes to me at a Christmas party, after asking my dad's permission first We honeymoon in the Bahamas and when we return, I'm pregnant with our first child. We move from our home in Manchester to Oregon in America, so he can be closer to his parents, who live there already.

    Six months after moving in, I give birth to a baby boy! Theodore Alfred De Luca "Teddy" is born on the 8th June. He has his daddy's dark hair and my grey eyes.

    Two years later, I give birth to triplets. Zachary Christian De Luca "Zach", Phineas Noel De Luca "Finn" and Nathaniel Joseph De Luca "Nate" are born on the 21st December. They all have dark hair and light blue eyes, and are identical.

    Three years after the triplets are born, we conceive through IVF, and 9 months later, I give birth to sextuplets. Charlotte Rosa De Luca "Lottie", Madeline Coralie De Luca "Maddie", Florence Isobel De Luca "Flora", Alexander Sampson De Luca "Zan", William Hendrix De Luca "Will" and Edward Simeon De Luca "Ed" are born on the 12th February. The girls are identical, with my auburn hair and light blue eyes, and the boys are also identical, with reddy-brown hair and light blue eyes.

    After having a hysterectomy, we hire a surrogate (Elodie Clare Dalton), who falls pregnant with triplet boys, all of which are identical. Douglas Felix De Luca "Dougie", Robert Atticus De Luca "Robbie" and Matthew Caesar De Luca "Mattie" are born on the 26th May. They have dark hair and green eyes.

    Four years later, we have hired another surrogate (Emily Rose Lowell) as well as Elodie and and in total, they fall pregnant with 9 children. Elodie with three girls and a boy, and Emily with five boys. Amelia Junia De Luca "Amy", Dorothea Keziah De Luca "Thea", Matilda Tabitha De Luca "Tillie", Alfred Ephraim De Luca "Alfie", Frederick Jethro De Luca "Freddie", Jasper Lazarus De Luca "Jas", Victor Tiras De Luca "Vick", Thomas Nehemiah De Luca "Tommy" and Nicholas Zebedee De Luca "Cole". The quads are born on the 17th October. The girls are identical and have auburn hair and grey eyes and Alfie has reddy-brown hair and light blue eyes. The quints are born on the 1st November. They are all identical and have reddy-brown hair and greeny-blue eyes.

    Parents: Bella and Raffy

    Age 17: Theodore Alfred

    Age 15: Zachary Christian, Phineas Noel and Nathaniel Joseph
    Zach, Finn and Nate

    Age 11: Charlotte Rosa, Madeline Coralie, Florence Isobel, Alexander Sampson, William Hendrix and Edward Simeon
    Lottie, Maddie, Flora, Zan, Will and Ed

    Age 9: Douglas Felix, Robert Atticus and Matthew Caesar
    Dougie, Robbie and Mattie

    Age 5: Amelia Junia, Dorothea Keziah, Matilda Tabitha and Alfred Ephraim
    Amy, Thea, Tillie and Alfie.

    Age 5: Frederick Jethro, Jasper Lazarus, Thomas Nehemiah, Victor Tiras and Nicholas Zebedee
    Freddie, Jas, Tommy, Vick and Cole.

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    Met: in College
    Proposes on: Valentines Day
    Honeymoon in: New Zealand
    Move to: California

    Theodore Duncan 'Teddy'
    Reuben Joseph & Delilah Eve 'Lyla'
    Benjamin Davis 'Benjy', Zachary Sampson 'Zach', Alice Sylvie, Florence Linden 'Wren', Beatrice Annika 'Bea' & Grace Coralie
    Jospehine Decima 'Sephy'
    Augustus Boaz 'Gus', Edward Lucius 'Ed', Henry Linus, Jasper Phineas, Lionel Ara, Thomas Simeon 'Tom', Adelaide Keturah 'Addy', Phillippa Salome 'Pippa', Cecily Magdalene

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