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    Wow. Lots of "trashy" in this thread. I try not to use that word because, well... there are actual human being names Christelle. No one should be told they are like trash. Jeez. But yeah... I'm sure you see the problem by now. :-/

    Have you considered Christabelle? Or, as Augusta_lee recommended (and I'm biased, since it's one of my favorite names), Chrysantha? There is an enormous amount of interesting and varied 'christ-' names...
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    Neither trashy nor classy. I would think the parents were looking for an alternative to Christine or Christina. Personally, I have never been fond of the nickname Chrissy as it makes me think of someone not too bright and little ditzy. (Maybe the show, Three's Company, is to blame for that.). I do like the nn Chris for a girl as that seems strong.
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    I wouldn't say trashy... but the 3 people I know named Christelle all lean towards tacky so that is my association with the name. Not a name I would want to give my daughter.

    2 of them say their mother was trying to make their name look fancy by choosing it over Chrystal. The other wanted a christian name for her and decided to use that because it has Christ in it.

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    Well... I certainly don't think it screams class. Trashy sounds a bit harsh, but having said that, I don't have any trouble picturing a stripper named Christelle.

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    I think it sounds pretty. I don't see what soooo trashy about it.
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