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    Forget all other options, Inigo Gabriel is perfect!

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    Thank you so much for your thoughts, you have really convinced me to go with my instincts and stick with this combination. I'm starting to agree it sounds perfect and getting the sense of certainty I had when we decided on Elias Michael! I'm so pleased because my husband has been against the name for a while - mainly due to the nephew of a friend as he felt we would be 'stealing' it, but last night he said he'd come round to it and loved it, especially with Gabriel as a MN. I was surprised and a but shocked as have spent 6 months trying to move away from Inigo which had always been my favourite option...

    Btw I live in the UK so Elias is pretty rare here - I know it's more popular in places like Sweden and probably the US but over here it's still unusual so I think Inigo and Elias match well in that respect (although Eli is getting more and more common re: Elijah and as a stand alone name).

    Thanks to Blade for pointing out that they are both saintly (am going to google Saint Inigo) and to Amy for the comment about their own separate but complimentary sounds - that's exactly what I was trying to achieve and I kept getting stuck, when looking for new options, on names that were just too similar in sound to Elias (e.g Cassius, Silas, Ezra discounted for that reason).

    I love the points you've all made above about Michael and Gabriel both being angelic and they are aesthetically very similar as well as phonetically which I'm so happy with. Again they are both 7 letters which seems neat with a 5 letter first name for both. Thanks so much for your input, it's so helpful and has really cemented my views! Now I need to get sorted on the girl's name - I have a few options there and it's not quite as cut and dried but I will start a new thread!!

    Have a fantastic Christmas and holiday season

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    I would be well impressed to meet brothers named Elias and Inigo! As a teacher I must say this would be one of the best sibsets I've heard in the UK.

    Elias Michael and Inigo Gabriel are perfect together.

    Caleb, Ezra, Micah, Xavier and Xander are all favourites of mine too and I can definitely see them alongside brother Elias.
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    If I met a brother set of Elias and Inigo, I wouldn't be able to stop grinning from ear to ear, they are gorgeous together.
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    Oh my goodness thank you for being so lovely and positive about the proposed sibset, it's fab to hear! I'm now thinking that because we have got our perfect pairing baby is bound to be a girl!! Shall I give my girl names here or start another thread? Don't want to mess with nameberry forum etiquette!

    Thanks so much for the lovely comments

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