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    You're 12 and writing Erotica stories??????????

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    This thread is a mixture of disgusting and laughable. Initially, I am somewhat irritated by the inappropriate use of the obviously politically-incorrect and ignorant term "slightly mentally disabled." Seriously? As someone who works with these "slightly mentally disabled" individuals on a daily basis, my feathers are "slightly" ruffled. Of course, then I see a 12 year old is writing this and it all makes sense. I'm no longer irritated - just laughing. The fact that this is for an erotic tale is the cherry on top. LOL, truly.
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    I'm 19 and, if I'm correct, when I think of Anya I think of the nn for the main character in the movie Anastasia. It seems to quite fit, so, I'd say go for Anya.

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    Obviously this user is not seeking to genuinely engage in this forum, just shock and disgust people. It's time for him to be blocked from posting.

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    Guys, this is from three months ago. Along with the entire first page of this category, because star_girl went digging?
    I'm not feeling incredibly profound at the moment. Check back later.

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