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    Good apocalyptic baby names!?

    Sooooo on the news the other day, there was a thing about some couple who had a baby at exactly 12:00 AM and named her Apocalyptica. (I suspect that they set up the delivery to happen at exactly that minute or something).

    "Because she survived the 2012 Apocalypse" (quote from the parents)


    So who else has some "awesome" apocalyptic names?! Since it looks like A LOT of us have survived the world exploding, the Sun exploding, nuclear winter, the zombie plague, and whatever else was/is supposed to happen yesterday . . .

    This is just for fun, of course. NO I'M NOT NAMING MY KID APOCALYPTICA. LMAO! Or any other stupid name for that matter.


    Have fun!

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    Calypso came to mind! Since they share the "calyp" part.
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    Amaia means "the end" or "final", I'd go with that one myself, for an "end of the word" type of meaning. Vivian or Zoe for "life".

    Apocalyptica would be almost okay if there actually was an apocalypse, lol.
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    Maya seems like a fitting name for someone born Dec 21 :-)
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