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    How long were you together before having a baby?

    After seeing a few facebook friends have children in recent months, it got me thinking about how different they were. One couple were married 7 years before having their first, while another had only been going out a year and a bit (but are now engaged) before she got pregnant.

    It got me wondering, how common is it now to be married before having a child, or indeed be dating for a long amount of time? So, Berries, what was it like for you?

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    My DH and I were married two years when we had our son. (We had been together for a total of 5 1/2 years.)

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    My husband and I are very conservative, and we did the Biblical purity-until-marriage thing. Absolutely no regrets. We have been married for a year and a half and are now trying for our first.

    Edit: Some comments below indicate that this thread feels judgmental, and I hope that wasn't caused by my post. I don't mean to judge anyone. My own baby sister, whom I love very much, is pregnant and unmarried, and I'm not about to judge her or anyone else. To each their own. My only point is that for us, this was the right decision, and while today's society views it as "weird" to be a virgin for so long, we have no regrets about our decision.
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    We have been married 3 years and are expecting our first. We wanted to have some "just us" time to focus on getting careers off the ground and buying/renovating a house first.

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    We got pregnant 10 months into our marriage. I thought we'd be married for a few years first, but it felt right so we decided to go for it.

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