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Thread: Llewellyn

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    I have been considering this as a middle name for one of my first name picks: Hugo. I like it for its Welsh roots which connect me to my family (while Hugo is a just-'cause-I-like-it pick). But I have some trepidation regarding the name...


    1. What is the proper spelling? Two l's all around: Llewellyn or two l's then one: Llewelyn (or something else entirely?). I like to stick to original/proper spellings when I can

    2. A big concern is the feminine -ellen sound and the "feminine-looking" -lyn ending. A lot of Welsh names have y's in them, so I don't mind. But to you think a little Hugo Llewellyn would be just mortified to tell people his middle name?

    3. I have found other places a supposed variant: Leoline/Leolin. However, I haven't been able to get a definitive pronunciation (lee-OH-leen/lihn, LEE-oh-leen/lihn, LAY-oh-leen/lihn, lay-OH-lin/leen...) or its legitimacy as a name (I've read it's based on llew meaning 'lion' in Welsh, but that the original spelling of Llewellyn uses a y??). I like it because I feel it has a bit more of a masculine vibe. But I wonder if Hugo Leoline/Leolin has long-o sounds that are too close together?

    Thanks for the help!
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    I love Llewellyn. It's so handsome and cool. According to what I could find, the proper spelling is Llewelyn but that that's just a variant of the Welsh Llywelyn. But, if you go with that spelling, the site says that then the Llyw means "leader" instead of Llew meaning "lion" so I'd go with Llewellyn/Llewelyn as that's the way I've seen it spelled.

    I don't think it's too feminine. I think Hugo helps it sounds more masculine and I don't think he would be mortified to tell people his middle name. There are tons of people with way worse or just flat out weird middle names out there, so a legit name like Llewelyn should be fine.

    I also don't like that supposed alternative name. I don't think it makes it looks more masculine (as it just reminds me of the female name Leontine). Just stick with Llewelyn/Llewellyn. It's so handsome. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I don't like it, it reminds me of our dog...a Llewellin setter
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    I love Llewellyn (this spelling only) and I don't think it sounds too feminine at all.
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    Good Luck!

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    I'd worry about people being able to pronounce it right if you don't live in England or Wales. The 'llew' sound is hard to make, sort of a cross between 'cloo' and a 'hloo'.

    I like it as a name though And if it's a middle then you aren't going to have to say it all the time anyway. I don't think it sounds girly either and the 'ellyn' ending is more 'elin' than 'ellen' anyway.

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