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    Question Liviana? Thoughts or reactions?

    So, my husband and I are expecting our first in late April and it was just confirmed that baby is definitely a girl! Yay! Anyway, I have been a long time name lover, but am really picky with girls names. I tend to like the more frilly, feminine names. We have a few names on our list, but the one that is standing out is Liviana. From what I understand, it is an old Roman name, a variant of Livia I believe. We plan to call her Liv and Livy as nicknames. I like that it can stand on its own as a name, but has lots of nickname potential depending on her personality (Liv, Livy, Ana, etc.). I do worry about the popularity of Olivia, but am not too bothered. What are your thoughts on the name? Is there anything terrible that I am missing about this name? Thanks so much!
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    Personally, I don't care for Liviana too much. I think it's a bit too frilly and feels almost over the top.
    And if you're going to call her Liv anyway, why not just name her Liv? Just an idea.

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    If you look at my signature you'll see that I love the name Livy (and most of it's derivations)! It will be my daughters name if I ever have one.

    I'm also worried about the popularity of Olivia as well as the fact that our last name begins with an O so I think it might not be usable.

    I love the name Livia. And I also really like Livinia. I'm not quite as fond of Liviana, since it feels just like an alteration of Liliana instead of it's own name--and I prefer the stress on the first syllable.

    However, I don't dislike it and I think it's definitely a valid option. What led you to choose it over some of the other options?

    Liviana Juliet would be a lovely combo I think
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    Liviana, it's a bit too much to me. I prefer Livia in that case!

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    Liviana is too frilly and feminine for my taste. It just blends into all of the other similar names like Liliana, Arianna, Eliana, Julianna, Adriana etc...

    The classic Roman name of Livia (nn Liv) is my favourite alternative to the overused Olivia and I think it's a memorable choice.
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