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    It's a little too strange for me, out of curiosity are you from NYC?
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    As a middle name almost anything is fine. I think that Gotham would be fine.

    People who aren't familiar with Gotham city may pronounce it Got-ham.

    I personally wouldn't name my son that, but it's fine I guess.

    Best of luck!

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    I automatically think Batman. I don't really like it, I have to agree with your grandparents! Sorry!
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    Gotham's a really negative association. Why not Batman? If we're operating under the assumption that "anything goes" just because it's the middle name, I vote for Max Batman.

    Or what about Max Batman Bruce Wayne Dick Grayson Godzilla Sauron [Last Name]. Even better.

    No, but seriously. Don't do it.

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    Don't care for it but most people don't use their middles

    What about Grantham?

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