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    I like Frederick quite a bit - my favorite combo is James Frederick.

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    North Carolina
    This was my grandfather's first name, but he went by his middle, and is my uncle's first name. He went by Freddie as a boy and goes by Fred as an adult. While I love it, especially for the family connection (I have very few blood relatives) I took it off my list for my son, since Fred/Freddie/Freddy would feel confusing with my uncle using the name. My grandma wanted me to name the baby Frederick nn Rick, but I really dislike Rick, so I'm using my grandfather and uncle's middle name instead, since no one's currently using it.

    Also, at my LLL meetings, there's a 3 month old named Frederick, so I've seen it work on a little baby as well as on a grown man.

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    I think it's a lovely name. My hubby's name is Fredrik, he's originally from Sweden, they wouldn't dream of calling him anything but the full name. I prefer to call him Freddie which his mom hates. But I must admit that I absolutely CRINGE every time someone calls him Fred.

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    Thanks, everyone! I'm adding Frederick to my list.

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