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Thread: Vienna?

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    By big and well-known I just meant "famous" in the same way that Paris and London are, as I mentioned. I did an A-Level in Geography so I definitely know capital cities Vienna is no doubt an important city, but it's not seen in the same way that places like Paris, Milan etc are. But as amberdaydream said, it's been around as a name for a long time, I think that makes it even more acceptable.
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    That's my boyfriend's niece's name.
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    I'm not sure I like Vienna as a name. The fact there are two vowels right next to each other and a -na/-nna ending make it just a tad too frilly for me. Not that I'm much into geographic names, really. The fact it has some history to it though makes it not too bad. I can see why others would like it; it's just not for me.
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    I secretly love it. I know a mom with a Vienna and a Berlin.

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    I love Vienna as a name. It sounds so soft and flowy to the ear. It's actually one of my favorites!

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