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    Generation Rules CAF with names passed down #2

    I really love making and doing these!

    LN: A breed of dog

    DH(79): A traditional name / A color name
    DW(70): A name with a nickname / Begins with A (maiden name: An instrument)

    DS(49): Honors fathers name / A name containing a U
    DD(47): A flower name / a 4 syllable name
    DD(44): Variant of Katherine / mothers name
    DS/DS(40): Both names are 6 letter long / Middles are biblical and common
    DS(35): Name with more vowels than consonants / fathers middle name


    DW(49): A unisex name / Ends in an A (maiden name: of Italian Origin)

    DD(30): A jewel name / female version of fathers/grandfathers
    -DH(32): A name that sounds "Rock and Roll" / a four letter name (last name: an authors last name)
    --DS(3): An animal / honors grandfather/great grandfather
    DD(26): A virtue name / honors mother maiden name
    --DD(4): A nickname name / A Disney princess name
    DD(23): Ends in an "I" / an emotion


    exDH(50): Name of a river / an irish name (last name: begins with R)

    DS(18): fathers middle name / A name that began as a boys name but is now more common on girls
    -DF(19): Begins and ends in an A / one syllable
    --DS(nb): Soft name / Contains a "Z"
    DD(16): Ends in -ey / grandmothers name
    DD/DD(12): both names have 3 letter nicknames / flower names
    DS(11): Contains 2 s's / fathers first name


    DH(54): ends in -son / A place name (last name: One syllable, 4 or more letters)

    stepDS(20): Variant of fathers name / A word name
    --DS(1): A nature name / A name of a college
    DS(14): Name that has a song containing it / A name that reminds you of Autumn
    DS/DS/DS(10): Named after uncles / Names containing double letters


    DH(39): A surname name / Something blue (last name: a game)

    DS(13): Grandfathers name / A strong sounding name
    DD(9): Girls name with a boys name nickname / grandmothers middle name
    DS/DD(8): names of chinese origin / presidents surnames


    DW(41): A hawiian name / Ends in R (maiden name: A color)

    DD(20): A name that belongs in a fantasy novel / A name traditionally used on boys
    DS(17): Something that is the same color as mothers maiden name / fathers name
    DS(16): A country or state / grandfathers name


    Dgf(34): begins with an H / Variant of Anna (maiden name: of Spanish origin)

    DD(10): A long name / A plant (non flower)
    DD/DD(5): Rhyming names / both middles honor grandmother
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    Mommy to the funniest little boy ever, Sage

    Winter Rose, Summer Alisa, Nova Mae, Terra Elle, Anona Fern, Marilyn Louisa
    Sky Thomas, Lars Conrad, Ren Sherwood, Park Samson, Leighton Sky, Indiana Gregory
    Allison, Tara, Sophie, Star, Kara / Steven, Basil, Tide, Moon, Jade

    (Favorite names may change often)

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    LN: Maltese

    DH(79): Samuel Red
    DW(70): Elizabeth Alma (Cello) *Beth*

    DS(49): Samson Bruno *Sonny*
    DD(47): Marigold Victoria
    DD(44): Kate Elizabeth
    DS/DS(40): Darwin John / Steven James
    DS(35): Asa Red


    DH(49): Samson Bruno *Sonny*
    DW(49): Wylie Bella (maiden name: Ricci)

    DD(30): Garnet Samantha
    -DH(32): Jax Gram (last name: King)
    --DS(3): Bear Samuelson
    DD(26): Charity Ricci
    --DD(4): Abby Jasmine
    DD(23): Kimi Joy


    DW(47): Marigold Victoria
    exDH(50): Hudson Keegan (last name: Roswell)

    DS(18): Keegan Ashley
    -DF(19): Aria Maeve
    --DS(nb): Ellis Zander
    DD(16): Haley Elizabeth
    DD/DD(12): Valerie Rose / Louisa Violet *Val & Lou*
    DS(11): Socrates Hudson


    DW(44): Kate Elizabeth
    DH(54): Jackson Indiana (last name: Kane)

    stepDS(20): Jack River
    --DS(1): Cliff Stanford
    DS(14): Jude Maple
    DS/DS/DS(10): Stevie Elliot / Darwin Maddox / Aza Sparrow


    1stDS(40): Darwin John
    DH(39): Branigan Sky (last name: Twister)

    DS(13): Samuel Boone
    DD(9): Veronica Alma *Ron*
    DS/DD(8): Ren Lincoln / Suki Kennedy


    2ndDS(40): Steven James
    DW(41): Alohi Eleanor (maiden name: Green)

    DD(20): Alianna Park
    DS(17): Basil Steven
    DS(16): Egypt Samuel


    Dbf(35): Asa Red
    Dgf(34): Hope Hannah (maiden name: Cortez)

    DD(10): Viviana Juniper
    DD/DD(5): Lacey Alma / Stacey Elizabeth
    Mommy to the funniest little boy ever, Sage

    Winter Rose, Summer Alisa, Nova Mae, Terra Elle, Anona Fern, Marilyn Louisa
    Sky Thomas, Lars Conrad, Ren Sherwood, Park Samson, Leighton Sky, Indiana Gregory
    Allison, Tara, Sophie, Star, Kara / Steven, Basil, Tide, Moon, Jade

    (Favorite names may change often)

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    LN: Border

    DH(79): Charles Indigo Border
    DW(70): Elizabeth Anne Border "Ellie" (Flute)

    DS(49): Charles Gunnar Border "Charlie"
    DD(47): Daisy Olivia Border
    DD(44): Kate Elizabeth Border
    DS/DS(40): Daniel Adam Border and Samuel Joseph Border "Sammy"
    DS(35): Eli Indigo Border


    DH(49): Charles Gunnar Border "Charlie"
    DW(49): Addison Marina Border (Lorenzano)

    DD(30): Ruby Charlotte Rowling (Border)
    -DH(32): Jagger Noah Rowling
    --DS(3): Leo Charles Rowling
    DD(26): Faith Lauren Border
    --DD(4): Emmy Jasmine Border
    DD(23): Kali Serenity Border


    DW(47): Daisy Olivia Border
    exDH(50): Niles Sean Rosenbaum

    DS(18): Sean Addison Rosenbaum
    -DF(19): Alexa Rose Faraday
    --DS(nb): James Zander Rosenbaum
    DD(16): Hayley Elizabeth Rosenbaum
    DD/DD(12): Rachel Violet Rosenbaum "Rae" and Skylar Marigold Rosenbaum "Sky"
    DS(11): Jesse Niles Rosenbaum


    DW(44): Kate Elizabeth Hall (Border)
    DH(54): Jameson Dallas Hall

    stepDS(20): Jamison Brooks Hall
    --DS(1): River Bryant Hall
    DS(14):Adam Reed Hall
    DS/DS/DS(10): Charlie Ross Hall, Daniel Keegan Hall and Eli Beckett Hall


    1stDS(40): Daniel Adam Border-Risk
    DH(39): Donovan Jay Border-Risk

    DS(13): Charles Mack Border-Risk "Mack"
    DD(9): Alexandra Anne Border-Risk "Alex"
    DS/DD(8): Ren Jackson Border-Risk and Hanna Kennedy Border-Risk


    2ndDS(40): Samuel Joseph Border
    DW(41): Kalani Harper Border (Black)

    DD(20): Giselle Chandler Border
    DS(17): Crow Samuel Border
    DS(16): Main Charles Border


    Dbf(35): Eli Indigo Border
    Dgf(34): Hazel Annaleigh Diaz

    DD(10): Stephanie Ivy Border
    DD/DD(5): Riley Elizabeth Border and Kylie Anne Border
    Annabelle Caroline~19~Name freak

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    LN: Papillon

    DH (79): William Gray
    DW (70): Elisabeth Alexandra "Elle" (MN: Harp)

    DS (49): William Lucas
    DD (47): Laurel Victoria
    DD (44): Katarina Elisabeth
    DS/DS (40): Julian Daniel & Brandt Noah
    DS (35): Gideon Gray


    DH (49): William Lucas
    DW (49): Avery Liliana (MN: Matteo)

    DD (30): Ruby Willow
    -DH (32): Lennon Rhys (MN: McEwan)
    --DS (3): Tiger William

    DD (26): Verity Mattea
    --DD (4): Emme Aurora

    DD (23): Sadi Joy


    DW (47): Laurel Victoria
    exDH (50): Rhine Patrick (LN: Rhodes)

    DS (18): Patrick Taylor
    -DF (19): Anna Kate
    --DS (nb): Jace Zander

    DD (16): Kenley Elisabeth
    DD/DD (12): Eliana Rose "Eli" & Adelaide Lily "Adi"
    DS (11): Silas Rhine


    DW (44): Katarina Elisabeth
    DH (54): Garrison Phoenix (LN: Quinn)

    stepDS (20): Garrett Page
    --DS (1): Flint Berkeley

    DS (14): Jude Soren
    DS/DS/DS (10): Julian Maddox, Brandt Callum, & Gideon Beckett


    DH (40): Julian Daniel
    DH (39): Keaton Lake (LN: Chess)

    DS (13): William James
    DD (9): Matilda Alexandra "Mat"
    DS/DD (8): Jian Washington & Liling Kennedy


    DH (40): Brandt Noah
    DW (41): Kalea Briar (LN: Crimson)

    DD (20): Cassia Griffin
    DS (17): Jasper Brandt
    DS (16): Israel William


    Dbf (35): Gideon Gray
    Dgf (34): Hallie Annabelle (LN: Perez)

    DD (10): Madeleine Sorrel
    DD/DD (5): Ellery Alexandra & Emery Elisabeth

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    LN: Shepherd

    DH(79): Alexander Gray (Lex)
    DW(70): Clementine Adelaide (maiden name: Lyre) (Cleo)

    DS(49): Alistair Augustine
    DD(47): Magnolia Araminta
    DD(44): Kaia Clementine
    DS/DS(40): Gideon Samuel and Holden Simon
    DS(35): Ezekiel Gray (Zeke)


    DH(49): Alistair Augustine
    DW(49): Sage Octavia (maiden name: Evangelista)

    DD(30): Opal Alexandrine
    -DH(32): Axel Zeno (last name: Frost)
    --DS(3): Arthur Leander (Ari)
    DD(26): Verity Evangeline
    --DD(4): Pippa Aurora
    DD(23): Naomi Blythe (Mimi)


    DW(47): Magnolia Araminta
    exDH(50): Eden Killian (last name: Riddle)

    DS(18): Killian Sidney
    -DF(19): Arabella Pearl
    --DS(nb): Lachlan Zebedee
    DD(16): Posey Magnolia
    DD/DD(12): Eva Iris and Rue Delphine
    DS(11): Cassian Eden (Cass)


    DW(44): Kaia Clementine
    DH(54): Jameson Caspian (last name: Snow)

    stepDS(20): James Birch (Jem)
    --DS(1): Jasper Albion
    DS(14): Sebastian Rowan
    DS/DS/DS(10): August Dashiell and Samson Callum and Simon Finnegan (Gus and Sam)


    1stDS(40): Gideon Samuel
    DH(39): Fitzwilliam River (last name: Clue) (Fitz)

    DS(13): Alexander Nicholas (Sasha)
    DD(9): Wilhelmina Adelaide (Billie)
    DS/DD(8): Bo Lincoln and Mei Monroe


    2ndDS(40): Holden Simon
    DW(41): Alani Juniper (maiden name: Green)

    DD(20): Lyra Archer
    DS(17): Forrest Holden
    DS(16): Indiana Alexander (Indie)


    Dbf(35): Ezekiel Gray (Zeke)
    Dgf(34): Hermione Anneliese (maiden name: Petit)

    DD(10): Cressida Lavender
    DD/DD(5): Esmerelda Leona and Zelda Plum (Esme)

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