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    What do you think of this sibset?

    Hi guys
    I posted here recently about two characters names being too similar and you all were such great help so I've come to go again for some help regarding that same story/family, what do you think about these names for siblings, they aren't major characters but they are important to the story
    James and his wife Hilarie have five children:

    Christoper James (reversed version of his fathers name) nn Chris
    Jenna Lee/Leigh nn Jen/Jenlee
    Ellery _______ nn Elle/Ellery Celery
    Mitchell _______ nn Mitch
    Hazel Claudia nn Daisy?

    What do you think?
    Do they flow? Do they sound like they were named by the couple?

    The first two I'm pretty sure about but definitely up for hearing opinions on.
    The second two I'm stuck for middle names for - Ellery nothing has really felt like it fits and for Mitchell I'm not sure what the mother's maiden name will be maybe Walters or Daniels so I might name him after that but any suggestions would be appreciated
    Finally the youngest child, I originally called her Claudia and though I like the name a lot I just don't know if it fits her and then I had the idea of calling her Hazel and having her nickname be Daisy (stemming from calling her Hazy Days/Dayz) but now I just don't know
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    I think the first two really go with the parents. I am unsure about Ellery, It's the only unisex name in the group and doesn't go as well. How about some more popular, and obviously girl names: Grace, Elizabeth with any mn that ends in y could give you the nn Ellery or just Elle or Beth, Maggie, or how about giving her Hillarie's middle name, since Chris has both of his fathers names. That's the only thing that suprised me about Jenna, she didn't have her mothers name or names. I like Mitchell and think it goes well with the other names. For middles, I like:

    Mitchell (which could be moms surname) William
    Mitchell Tyler
    Mitchell Oliver
    Mitchell John
    Mitchell Bailey
    Mitchell Foster (moms surname?)
    Mitchell Ellery (tie in other name possibility)

    If you are'nt sure about Mitchell, I'd go with Michael which also works with all the nicknames

    And, I love Hazel Claudia, but her nickname requires a bit too much explanation for a minor character, and I don't see her parents as being the hippie type that would call her hazy days in the first place. If you're in love with the nn Daisy name her Margaret. I really almost think that goes better with the sibset, as Hazel is more vintage than the other names
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    Wow! I love all of these names! The only downside is that there isn't really a complete flow to all of them. I think Christopher, Jenna, and Mitchell go very well together, whereas Hazel and Ellery? Not so much, I'm afraid. Maybe these ones would work a little better:
    Instead of Ellery:
    Hailey/Haley/Haylie (This name could honor her mother's name, since Christopher has his father's)
    Lucy (I think this fits really well, and I've always adored this name)
    Danielle nn Dani/Ellie/Elle (If the mother's maiden name was Daniels, this could honor her as well, and it gives you the same Elle nn as Ellery)

    Instead of Hazel (I hate to write this out Hazel is one of my all-time favorite names):
    Samantha (Still old fashioned, yet not uncommon)
    Emily nn Emma/Emmy/Lily (Very overused, but you can always make it more unique with a nn, and it fits your family well)
    Margaret nn Maggie/Margo
    Olivia nn Livy

    Hope this helps! Good luck with your book!

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    I don't think Ellery fits in with any of the rest. Something blander, maybe. Amanda?
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