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  • Thomas

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  • Griffin

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Thread: Baby boy

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    Baby boy

    I need help! I've been weighing so many names the last little while and I've ended up with these three top boy names... The middle name is TBD, but could be Patrick, David or Stanley for family members.

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    I like a lot of the traditional/classic names so I voted for Thomas. Galen would be my second choice. Either will work with your mns. You could also use one of the mns as a first and have David Stanley, etc.

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    Griffin is definitely my choice! Galen is nice, but tricky b/c of "gay." I think Griffin is playful and unique, but still a strong name. Griffin Patrick, Griffin David, and Griffin Patrick all work!

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    For some reason I really don't care for Griffin. I just think of the giant eagle thing. - I voted Thomas. I think Thomas Galen is cute.

    I also think Theodore would work for you
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    I would vote for Thomas or Griffin. Not that it is likely to come up in your son's life, but galen means crazy in Swedish (although it is a different pronunciation). Good luck!
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