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    Why did you choose the names you chose for your children?

    I thought it might be interesting to share stories on how everyone ended up picking the names they did for their kids. If you're like me, a name nerd, I'm guessing y'all put a lot of thought into the names.

    So, I'll go first. I chose the name Ruth for my daughter for more than a couple of reasons. I love the meaning and history of the name itself [which was my main criteria in selecting a name]. I like many of the namesakes. I have a positive association with the name. It is a family name that had been on my mom's side for nearly as far back as I could trace the genealogy and she was the last one to bear that name and I was her only child [i.e. a tradition that had lasted centuries would have died out if I hadn't revived it.]; like I said, it was my mom's name so it was a way of honoring her. Two of my favorite sounds in names are the "oo" sound and the TH sound, so to me the name sounds pleasant, gentle yet strong. I like old fashioned names in general and if I ever did have more children they'd also get classic names. The middle name I spent months agonizing over and I didn't decide until after she was born. Temperance wasn't even on my list of possible middle names I had been mulling over, it was a guilty pleasure name. Though when I was holding her, and I said the name out loud together with the first name, it just seemed to suit her. Hence, she was named Ruth Temperance.

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    Somewhat of a hard question to answer. I took many factors into account. I started with knowing that I wanted an unusual name, nothing in the top 1000. I had some consideration for a french name (one of my backgrounds). Wanted to include a family name to honor. And I had to get my husband on board - a man who likes the extremely common Tiffany, kimberly, and kira. The name had to have "flow". I considered nickname possibilities.

    I went into the delivery room with a list of names I felt uncertain about. I felt panicked to make a final decision. I wanted simone, my husband preferred Geneva. We ended up with Geneva Simone Dunbar (last name here).

    Yes Geneva is a place in switzerland, however more commonly it is an old french name, and has dutch history. My main issue with Geneva was the nickname. I would never want her to be called Gen, or Genny. We solve this by calling her Neva. Simone is definitely a nod to my french history. Dunbar is My grandfathers last name, which will die out when he passes.

    I'm very happy with her name. So much so, that I'm having difficulties naming baby girl #2 who is due in March, because the names do not feel like they live up to Geneva's.
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    I was ready to use Nina. A name that actually came to me in a dream of a little redhead girl running in a field! But I made the mistake of sharing the name with a pregnant family member & her husband who proposed that I tell them mine & they tell me theirs & of course we wouldnt steal each others names...of course we all know how this ends! We share a last name so I really felt I shouldn't still use it- same full name & age just seemed like it would create identity problems!

    We had been considering Kira, Jolene, Marigold, January, Claudette, Colette...
    And for a boy Lev or Leopold...from that we got Leonie & my husband became really obsessed! I had always loved Naomi but couldn't use it & I love the lion imagery & meaning which I think gives the sweet & fluffy name a little toughness. Also I call my sister Lee so in my mind it somewhat honors her. Middle names are Ida- husbands deceased grandmother & Simone- my deceased cousin is simon...

    Leonie Ida-Simone

    Now Nina feels so shrill & common to me! I love my daughter's name!

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    I like this idea

    Hubs and I had liked Evangeline, nn Evie, for years. But when it came down to naming a real live person, I was uncomfortable with a complex and very French name, as our last name is very obviously and harshly German. One day we were talking about it and I sort of flippantly mentioned Ivy as a possibility, and we both fell head over heels the second it left my mouth. I had never met anyone with the name, but DH used to have a client named Ivy who was 100 years old that he absolutely adored.

    So, first name was settled several weeks before we found out gender, but middle name was up in the air until I was in active labor. We had several names that we liked but that hadn't clicked for one reason or another, but we thought we still had time... until I went into labor a week and a half early Suddenly, Coraline (which I had dismissed much earlier on due to forming the unfortunate initials of I.C.K.) just popped into my head and screamed "I'M THE ONE!!" I just looked at DH and said, "Let's make it Ivy Coraline Mae." Boom, took care of the awkward initial problem and honors both of my deceased grandmothers. He agreed hastily, but then I think he would've agreed to anything at that point! He now sometimes says he wishes we would've gone with just Coraline, but I have no regrets whatsoever and am so glad to have that little link to two very special women that my daughter will never have a chance to meet. Luckily, her name suits her right down to her toes!
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    With Morgan, DH and I went to the hospital thinking our son would be named Lucas Dae-Hyun. Once Morgan was in my arms I knew that he wasn't our Lucas. Morgan was the name that came to me (DH and I never even considered Morgan) and surprisingly DH agreed that Morgan was our son's name. We couldn't let go of Lucas though, so Morgan Lucas Dae-Hyun he became. Later I found out that Morgan was my great great grandfather's name. Kinda weird because my great grandmother used to talk about her father all the time, but I don't remember her ever mentioning his first name. I still wonder "why Morgan?", but Morgan suits my son to a tee. With Sawyer, DH and I went to the hospital knowing that our son would be Sawyer Robert Young-Min. Robert is after my grandfather who passed early this year. Both Morgan and Sawyer's Korean names were chosen by DH's parents.

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