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    Quote Originally Posted by renrose View Post
    To me it doesn't matter if a name is classed as 'dated'. I don't understand why a perfectly normal name should be avoided just because it happened to be super popular in a certain time period. What's the big deal? O_o No one's going to look at a baby Jennifer and think: 'Why aren't you in your twenties? People called Jennifer are all over the age of twenty.' They'd most likely think: 'Aww, pretty name. I know lots of nice people called Jenny.'

    Jennifer is a lovely name, there's nothing wrong with it.
    Another ditto. We briefly considered Heather for our daughter despite its popularity while we were growing up. There are relatively few Jennifers and Heathers running around nowadays and I would find the names refreshing next to little Madisons and Kennedys.
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    As a Jennifer born in the early 90s, maybe I can offer a little insight.

    I am 19 years old, and the youngest Jennifer I know. I was one of two Jennifers in my whole high school. At the university I attend, I have only met two other Jennifers. I have always been the only Jennifer at the places I've worked.

    I love my name. I just think it sounds really interesting and pretty. I wouldn't change my name if I could. I just wish people would stop talking about how horrible it is. There is a reason so many people have chose to name their daughters Jennifer. It is a beautiful name.
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    I like Jennifer too! I don't know if I would use it though, but it's really nice and super pretty. No weird nicknames, the name itself is nothing too popular as far as I know. I say go for it, it doesn't sound dated to me. I know a few adult Jennifer's but I know a Jennifer who is going into grade 6 and one going into grade 3.
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