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    Behind or Ahead of the Times?

    I was musing about naming trends last night. I am a Lois in my late 20s, and I grew up with friends & cousins named Naomi, Silas, Sylvia. In the 90s as we were kids/teens, all of our names were considered old-fashioned and unusual. Now, most of these names are rising or have been predicted to rise soon based on current trends in naming. (Okay, Lois may still be out of the top 1000, but I have heard of a baby Lois or 2 and a few Berry types predicting it to head up some I can dream, right? )

    So, the question was, were our parents behind the times or just ahead of them!? Mostly we were honor named, so probably behind...But I think my aunt who picked Silas in the mid-80s was just ahead of her time; his brother is Ethan, which was rising but still pretty uncommon until more than 10 yrs later. Now, there's tons of young Ethans and Silases, but there's few in the late 20s age. Anyone have other examples of naming ahead of trend?

    Also, the burning question: what of today's names will be like this in 20-30 years? The names that are behind/ahead of the time now, but will then be cool and popular? Will it be mid-century names of our mothers, like Eileen, Sharon, Cheryl, Pamela? Will it be revivals of the 70s-80s names like Jennifer, Jessica, Brittany, Ashley, as those women become grandmothers and get honored? Will it be a totally new style of names that we haven't imagined: names after machines or Russian words or something?

    How many generations does it take for a name do to the cycle of popular-out-hip-popular-out again? or does it vary a lot by the name and what heights of popularity it reaches?

    I'm sure people have over-analyzed this before me. You can point me to the right blog posts or threads if so.

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