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    Helena prn Heh-lee-na?

    I'm watching a show with my brother, and they have a lady on it named Helena, but it's pronounced Heh-lee-na.

    What do you think of that pronunciation?
    Also, it made me realise, yet again, how pretty Helena (prn heh-lay-na), Elena (prn eh-lay-na) and Selena are.
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    I used to love it with that pronunciation. I used to talk to a woman from another forum who had a daughter named Helena (with that pronunciation), and until then I hated the name. I started to appreciate it because of her, and after I joined Nameberry I grew to like the Helen-ah pronunciation better, but I still like heh-LEE-nah. I think heh-LAY-nah and HEH-len-ah are easier to enforce, though.
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    I know a girl named Heleena who loves her name (pronounced Heh-lee-nuh). I prefer Heh-lay-nuh as the pn though. However, I can't get past the first syllable of hell. I prefer Selena and Elena.
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    I don't really care for that pronouciation. I love either (Heh-lay-na) or (Hel-len-a)
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    I like both the lee and the lay pronunciations and I think I would probably use the lee one as it is easier to say. I dislike Helen uh.


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