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    These are my favorites, in no particular order...

    Alice, Cecilia, Cora, Eve, Georgia, Iris, Johanna, Phoebe, Rose, Sylvie, Tess, Violet
    Calvin, Dexter, Felix, Graham, Hugo, Leo, Louis, Miles, Oscar, Paul, Simon, Walter

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    I can't get over Winterose. I think it's very pretty! I've always had a soft spot for Eilonwy, Everlid, and Illyria. These are my top 5 of the list you posted with middles:

    Eilonwy Arcadia
    Everild Windemere
    Illyria Clio
    Nienna Belisande
    Winterose Elaine

    I think my favorite of all of them is Eilonwy Arcadia or Winterose Elaine.
    Current loves: Theodore & Rosalind

    Mommy to Arabella and Jude

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    How is Eilonwy pronounced?

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    Altalune nn Luna. :-)

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    Thank you all so much!

    lineska: We're going to try and get Villanelle in there, I love the Hespera Tempest Villanelle combo!

    mara_lyn86: I don't know if Tinuviel had any other roots, I do love Tolkien though, so no problem for me if it hasn't...

    asophie1: I love Altalune Windemere Snow! So beautiful!

    sheflieswithherownwings: Great to get input from a teacher. Seawillow is an actual name, I think it's adorable! i had to get used to saying it first though. I love so many of the combos you suggested, Belphoebe Tinkersnow Ren and Ceridwen Finvola Meadowsweet are fantastic.

    klcalder2: I love Winterose too, it's stunning. I find myself writing it on notepads...

    flick: Eilonwy is pronounced aï:-lonwi (first i long, second short).

    Thanks again!

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