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    Updated List for Baby Girl!

    Thanks to all your wonderful opinions, advice and suggestions, we've been able to make a top 19. Not what we were aiming for, but we each have our favourites, and with both of us being rather stubborn, that's that! Now we are asking you to help us narrow this too long list down to a final top 5, we just can't do it on our own... too indecisive! So, whichever way you choose to do it, we'll be very thankful.

    Altalune - eliminated
    Eilonwy - eliminated
    Elbereth - eliminated
    Evelake - eliminated
    Everild - eliminated
    Finvola - eliminated
    Genoveva - eliminated
    Lorien - eliminated
    Myristica - eliminated
    Nienna - eliminated
    Rhiannon - eliminated
    Seawillow - eliminated
    Winterose (one or two r's?) - eliminated

    Possible middles, if anyone wants to give that a go, although not necessary (can use from the fn list as well):
    Endellion, Moonbeam, Meadowsweet, Villanelle, Ren, Evenstar, Eirawen, Belisande, Clio, Thalia, Cyrene, Alcyone, Elaine, Shalott, Fairlight, Tinkersnow, Pelagia, Tempest, Ludmila, Mimosa, Windemere, Arcadia, Chione, Fiametta, Sylphide, Stellaluna, Columbine, Ferelith.

    Adding one syllable middles:
    Ren, Lux, Snow, Fern, Joy, Nyx, Lark, Fawn

    Possible future brothers are: Endymion, Herne, Orion, Orpheus & Theron.

    Also, not to be mean, rude, ungrateful or anything, please don't suggest any new names unless you think it is THE name for us and you've read the previous threads so you know what we've already eliminated, it's just going to mess with my pregnant brain. You've all had amazing suggestions, and I'm so thankful, I just don't know if I can do all that over again...
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    Most of your names are multiple syllables so I would go with one middle name.

    1 Belphoebe Tempest
    2 Genoveva Windemere
    3 Ceridwen Fairlight
    4 Everild Moonbeam
    5 Finvola Shalott
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    All the best,

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    Hespera is standing out for me. Gorgeous.
    Also really love Finvola, Nienna & Winterose (one R)

    And yeah, still pushing for you to use Villanelle in there. ☺

    Hespera Tempest Villanelle
    Hespera Windemere Shalott
    Finvola Villanelle Ren
    Finvola Tempest Clio
    Winterose Thalia Ren
    Winterose Alcyone Pelagia
    Nienna Moonbeam Chione
    Nienna Arcadia Belisande
    Nienna Villanelle Shalott

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    Being from the states, I will put my favorites that I would be comfortable with (in no order):

    Belphoebe- I am so glad this is on someone's list. I like this name a lot, but people just recommend Phoebe instead.
    Ceridwen- Very pretty.
    Genoveva- Pretty and interesting.
    Rhiannon- I knew one girl in High school with this name.
    Eilonwy- It sounds so lovely. I would consider using it myself, but I don't want two E names and American's would probably butcher it.

    Favorite middles: Endellion, Thalia, Elaine, Tempest, Ludmila

    Does Tinuviel have a lot of history? I know it was used in Lord of the Rings. I think it is a lovely name and I know he based a lot of his names on real languages.

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    My top four from your list, in this order, are: Illyria, Ceridwen, Rhiannon and Winterose (one R).

    My favourite combos:

    Illyria Tempest
    Illyria Moonbeam
    Illyria Windemere
    Ceridwen Arcadia
    Ceridwen Evenstar
    Ceridwen Windemere

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