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    Your thoughts on two girls names.. and help on one! <3

    I've had a lot of trouble with my girls names lately, I've only one solid name on my list (Evie Caroline Rose - both middle names are honoring). But I've found two girls names I'm really liking and I'd love some opinions on them!!

    Gwendolyn Phoebe
    Aurora Clementine

    Gwendolyn has been off and on my list, I love the nick name Gwen. And Phoebe I've never much considered because my aunt had a dog named Phoebe that was almost as old as I was that died somewhat traumatically (I wasn't real close to the dog, but the name still reminds me of big drooly dog lol). However, I started reading The Catcher in the Rye and Holden Caulfields kid sisters name was Phoebe and she just seemed to make the name that much more wearable.. and I really like it! Plus I am a fan of literary names. So what do you think of Gwendolyn Phoebe?

    And Aurora Clementine is super new for me. I don't remember ever having Aurora on my list, though I might have. Clementine is brand new though. I used to dislike it cause the fruit association was a tad odd to me, but I'm really liking it!! Especially with Aurora. Plus, I had an aunt Orah that could technically be honored through Aurora? I'm not sure if I'd use nick name Aura or Rory, I suppose whichever fits her personality more. Or maybe neither. But what are your thoughts on this combo?

    Then the third name, the one I need help on, is Charlize! (like a mix of Charlotte and Elise - shar-leese. Celebrity example Charlize Theron). I've liked Charlotte for a while, but it got to me that it was so popular. Charlize seems like a perfect substitute for me! I haven't decided if I'd use a nick name (again, see if the nick name fits the personality), but I imagine myself calling her Cha-cha (almost like that character in Grease called Cha-cha). At least while she's a child I would, anyway. I need middle names though, I've had a few idea's but none feel perfect.

    Thank you ladies so very much for any input!!! I just really need some thoughts / opinions here thanks!

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    Evie Caroline Rose is really pretty. I like those names together.

    I like Phoebe ok and Gwendolyn ok, but they almost seem too dramatic together. That's just my opinion, and maybe others wouldn't feel the same.

    I like Aurora too but I have never been a fan of Clementine as a name. I just can't get behind it! I see it a lot here on the forums. It seems mismatched with Aurora in my opinion. I know some people like combining different styles but they seem to far apart in style. Again, just my opinion and overall, each name is good, I just think you need to find the perfect pairing! Good luck!
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    I like Evie Caroline ( maybe Eve nn Evie ages better?) phoebe is great too.
    I'm not a fan of Aurora due to Disney connection, and even though Clementine is my fav of all your choices I'm thinking its mismatched with Aurora.

    Eve Clementine
    Phoebe Clementine ?
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    I like almost all of your name choices! The only one I don't care for is Evie, I just don't like how it sounds
    Like 2 letters, E.V. I love Caroline Rose! Gwendolyn is super classy to me and Gwen always comes
    Off as super fresh and hip so I feel like its a nice name a child can really grow with. She can go
    By Gwen in high school for example and enjoy the mature Gwendolyn when she's older
    And Phoebe isn't my favorite name but simple and cute. I don't know why but
    I've loved Aurora recently! And I never thought about Rory as a NN and that's just
    So adorable! I love it! Most of all though I love Charlize however I'm bias. My daughter is 6 weeks
    Old and we just named her Charlize Pearl. We call her Charlie since Charlize is a female version of
    Charles. Charlize is the most beautiful name to me. Its classy and beautiful and sophisticated.
    Whatever you choose I'm sure you will also think is the most beautiful name in the world. After all
    Our beautiful little girls are really what makes the name! Good luck!

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    Love Evie Caroline! Not loving double middle names.
    I don't really like Aurora or Gwendolyn.
    Phoebe Rose is cute.
    But you can't have an Evie and a Phoebe. People already mistake my daughter Evie for Phoebe sometimes.

    How about Evie Rose and Caroline Phoebe???

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