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    Placenta previa

    Everyone is different, but I had low lying placenta with both pregnancies at 18-20 weeks, and in both cases it adjusted to normal by the next scan (28 weeks ). It can depend on what degree "off normal" you've measured, as mine were both fairly marginal. However, it's common, and in most cases it can correct. Don't panic yet!

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    Thanks for the replies, ladies. I appreciate the support.

    @lineska - I'm glad your friends' placentas cooperated. I hope mine will do the same.

    @sixpomegranteseeds - That's great news to hear that your baby girl doesn't have DS! I'm glad EIFs are common. It was scary for me to hear too.

    @punkprincessphd - It's awesome to hear that in both of your pregnancies the placenta moved out of the way! I'm getting rechecked at week 28 so I hope I get the same result as you. I'm not sure of the measurements because they didn't print anything out for me like they did for the first ultrasound. I walked out of there thinking stuff wasn't such a big deal until google told me it was a big deal. I pretty much panicked for the first 3 or 4 days - like as in crying through a box of tissues, but now - a week later - I've accepted the possible outcomes and I'm doing my best to think positively.

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    Congrats anniemarie!! So exciting.

    It's supposed to hit 90 here today. Holy heat wave, I don't envy you ladies who live in warmer climates....I usually love the heat and this is brutal! Forget getting things done, I will be in the air conditioning or in the water most of the day.
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    Had my 30 week appt. and 4d ultrasound yesterday =) Everything looks great weight gain, blood pressure and urine. Tomorrow from 9-3 we have prepared childbirth class, whoo lol
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    We've picked a name!!! I thought it was going to take forever as we'd both vetoed every name the other came up with... but then I suggested Dominic and it just FIT. So we've slept on it, tossed it around a bit more, and tonight hubby said he didn't think we need to look anymore.

    So our sons name will be Dominic Jameson Gibbs.

    I'm so happy!
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