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    Yay, I passed my second glucose test today!! Since I have PCOS, they did two this time around. I had to be under 140 and I was at 98. This was a big weight off my mind. Plus, no more glucose tests. I hate that stuff :-P
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    Congrats to all the freshly preggy mamas!

    @whit, glad you passed your glucose challenge, I've got mine coming up around the 22nd, I'm having it a little early so my midwife has the antibody info from the blood test for my anti-d shot the following week.

    Saw my midwife this morning actually, everything going well, although my BP was a little low (120/58). Think I'm just a little dehydrated, i'm terrible at keeping up with fluid intake! Also got to listen to baby's heart rate (132-140bpm), and she measured my bump, measuring ever so slightly ahead; I'm 25w4d, measuring about 26w today.

    We also talked about booking my referral to the OB since my labour with Leo ended in an emergency caesarean. I'll be glad to be able to have a chat with someone so specialised; I need to decide whether to try for a VBAC or to schedule in a surgical birth.
    I was told after the emergency c-section that I have a narrow pelvic arch/outlet, but Leo was also in a poor position (deflexed, ascynclitic and directly posterior), so it's hard to know whether I could have managed a normal delivery despite a narrow outlet if his position had been better, or whether that narrow outlet would have led to the same outcome regardless of his positioning.

    Anyway! Quite a bit coming up over the next few weeks (appt. wise), then I'll be on the home stretch to bringing home #2! It's just crazy how quickly this pregnancy is going!
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    I'm now 23 weeks and 3 days and feeling it lol. It is finally getting warm here and I'm having to wear a belly band or rubber bands with all my work pants and shorts not even close to buttoning. I have my next appt. next week and since at my 20 week I had still only gained 5 pounds I'm super curious to know how much has been gained. You can for the most part tell I'm pregnant this bump popped up outta no where. All my parents/co-workers are like finally!
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    I am 7w + 2d today, and my tummy is looking noticeably bigger (I've been taking weekly photos for my mum and sis who are back in Canada). However, my digestion is playing hell and so I think it's simply a gas/poo baby. :| I also found out that my angelic and stunningly beautiful friend only gained 14 lbs her entire pregnancy, and now I'm feeling fat as well as seriously uncomfortable. This is not as glamorous as it says on the tin!!!
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    whit--Congrats on passing the glucose test! I passed mine on monday too.

    I did find out in that same round of bloodwork that I'm anemic, but apparently it was only borderline, just adding an extra iron supplement.

    alfiejoe--I didn't gain much weight before 20 weeks either, but started gaining for real between 22-26 weeks. Up almost 15 lbs headed into the third trimester.

    Loving all the good news recently on this board--so many new BFPs and also a group heading into the home stretch!
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