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    Hello! I just had a BFP after many years of trying and 2 miscarriages. I am super nervous that I might lose this one too. My Hcg levels are low and I have to go back to get blood work done again. Anyone else have low levels?

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    Congrats on your BFP, niteowl!
    I've never had the super early hcg level testing so I can't really help, but I hope everything turns out okay.
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    Congrats to libbyj and rin!

    We just found out today that we are having another BOY, too! I am shocked, because this pregnancy seemed more like the one with our daughter than with our sons. But we are very excited.

    Now my husband is backing out of our original top name choice (Alex) for a boy! Aahh!
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    Gah! Husbands/partners and baby names!!!

    Currently, mine is making us go through each letter list (A names, B names etc), for every 5 names, no matter what they are we HAVE to pick one that we like, and the others get knocked out. Then it goes on to round two, until we have a list of 5 or so that we like for each letter. After that is done, I suppose its the ultimate round when the different letters face off!!

    Quite frustrating and time consuming, but at least it means that he feels he's looked at all the options! And at least he's looking at names! Nevermind that I think that at the end of it, we'll have pretty much the exact same names that I currently have on my own list of considerations!

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    Today I am six weeks and two days, and I have to admit I am a bit of a worried wreck. Every time I go to the bathroom I check for blood. With every twinge I worry that this pregnancy might be ectopic. I don't have any morning sickness, and so I worry that maybe the baby has stopped developing. We have our first scan on Monday, and I am worried about what it will show. Basically, I am having trouble relaxing and enjoying this experience. I suspect this is a result of over five years of trying, and also all the tragic pregnancy experiences of my close friends and family. Each day feels like a year.

    Does anyone have tips for how to cope during the first twelve weeks?
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