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    My paternal Great-Grandparents were Annie and Frank and their siblings were Rose, John, Edgar, Myra, Leo, Clara, Carl and Lena (all from Germany). My maternal Great-Grandparents were Barbara and Michael and I don't know if either had any siblings. (they were from Czechoslovakia)
    My paternal Grandparents were Michael and Julia. Some of their siblings were, Lewis, Frank, Bernard, Helen, Mary, Thomas, Flornell, Daniel, Eugene, Geraldine, Irene, Barbara, John, and Ann. (Both had large number of children).
    My maternal Grandparents were Vera and Harry. They also had a lot of siblings between them named Gary, Lois, Homer, Constance, Beverly, George, Dolores, Luella, Mary, Dorothy, Erma, Bruce, Byron, James, Jeanne, Loretta, Donald and Florence.
    My parents only had the three of us. Maria Helene, Michael Bernard, and me, Frances Irene of which I'm the baby.

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    I'd feel weird about posting my grandparents' names and their siblings' since they're still alive, but I'll share my grandma's mom and her siblings' names (the only ones I know of and who have English names- my grandparents were all from Hong Kong or China):

    Pauline, Suzy (my great-grandma), Pansy, Mary, Polly, Helen, Sarah. There were more but some didn't have English names and some I just don't remember. Yes, Pauline and Polly as sisters... My great-grandpa, Suzy's husband, was George. None of them had middle names.
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    My great grandparents were Semino and Minzette

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    My family is the following:

    Maternal Grandmothers family: (Swedish)
    Parents: Ruth Elizabeth and John, children born 1924-1936
    Children: Honor Nesta (Thomas Andrew), Olive Elizabeth (Gideon Larry), Frances Nita (Robert Edwin), Arlene Patricia (Richard), Alfred Whitney (Mary Rose), David Willis (Ann Marie), Astrid Marie (Robert), Richard Morris (Marjean)

    Maternal Grandfather's family:
    Parents: Adah and Roy John (Dutch), children born in 1922, 1924
    Children: Roy John Jr (Evelyn Louise), Robert Edwin (Frances)

    Paternal Grandmother's Family:
    Parents: Joseph and Maria (Polish Family) children born 1906-1925
    Children: Evelyn (Ralph), Frances (William), Irene Marie (Arthur), Margeurite (Elbert), Dolores Florence (Harold), Marian (John), Dorothy (Donald), George (Anna), John, Theresa (last 2 children died in childhood)

    Paternal Grandfather's Family:
    Parents: Ethel Louise and Harold Lynn (English) children born: 1920-1926
    Children: Harold Lynn, Jr. (Dolores), Beverly Elaine, Joyce Lorraine (James)

    Other names on my family tree that I love:


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    Copenhagen, Denmark
    My maternal grandmother:
    Christian (her father), Laura Elvira (her mother; whose middle name I got), Asger (my grandmother's older brother), Irmelin Birgit (my grandmother), Anne Marie "Mie" (my grandmother's sister), and John Torben (my grandmother's younger brother).

    My family is (mainly) Danish, that's why the names are slightly weird.
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