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    Sweet, gentle kitty needs a name!

    Our two cats, Izzy and Momo (short for Isabella and Mohandas), got a big sister last weekend. She is a short haired calico, mostly white on the bottom with big, beautiful patches of orange and gray on top, and bright green eyes. She's very quiet and very sweet, and loves to be cuddled if you're anywhere in her vicinity.

    So, what would be a good name for this sweet little cat? We toyed around with some (Calliope, nicknames Calli and Sweetpea, or Regina, nickname Gigi), but nothing feels quite right. I'd like a longer name with a cute nickname, like the other cats, maybe even a nickname that ends with a vowel sound (an a?) and has two of the same consonants in it.

    I'd love any and all suggestions!

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    Personally, I really like Calliope. I also like Eloise (two "e"s but no repeated consonant, and nn could be "Ellie"), Phillipa (two "p", two "l", and it ends in an "a", and nn "Philly/Filly" or "Pippa"), Lilliana (three "l", ends in an 'a', nn "Lily" or "Ana"), Misha (no nn or maybe "Mitsy", no repeated consonants, ends in an "a" though - and works for a sweet cuddly girl-cat).
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    She sounds like such a luv bug. How about Amorina, Amora or Amoura? nn Amma, Ora, Mora.
    No repeating consonants except in the nn Amma but I think Izzy, Momo and Amma would be very cute. Plus I always feel like pets are a great place to use amazing names like Amoura that have an obvious literal translation like = love.
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    How about Lola? Emmeline nn Emmy or Emme?

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    We ended up going with Nora (short for Eleanor, but we don't really use the full name). Izzy, Momo, and Nora.

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