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    Strong boy names that have cute nicknames

    I like boy names that have a strong tone to them that would be appropriate for a 30 plus adult, yet have cute nicknames for babies/kids/teens.

    In addition it has to work with the middle name Ellsworth (family tradition to use this middle name for first son) and last name Hoyle.

    I'm stuck because I want something that sounds good yet is still somewhat unique.

    Here are some examples of what I like but I'm not in love with them....

    Grantham (Grant)
    Carlton (Carl)
    Milton (Mitt)
    Branton (Brant)

    Can anyone think of examples like the ones I provided? Do you have suggestions that would work good with the names Ellsworth Hoyle? Anything outside the box is accepted.

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    Love Leopold nn Leo!

    A few more:

    Augustus "Augie" or "Gus"
    Crisanto "Cris" or "Santo"
    Crusoe "Cru"
    Ignatius "Iggy"
    Jerome "Rome"
    Ludovic "Ludo"
    Solomon "Sol or Solly"
    Theodore "Theo"
    Ulysses "Uly"
    Xavier "Xave"
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    You might like my name of the day right now for my 4th son, Calloway. I'm considering it because I like the nickname Cal/Callie.

    From that list I adore the thought of a little boy named Carlton Ellsworth Hoyle! gorgeous!
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    From your list I love Carlton and Milton.

    From the suugestions so far I'd love to second:

    And a few more suggestions:
    Barton (Bart)
    Vinson (Vin/Vinny)
    Rockford (Rock/Rocky/Rocco)
    Laken (Lake)
    Archard (Archie)
    Arthur (Art/Artie)
    Anderson (Andy)

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