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    Emily, your husband's hair sounds exactly like my Sebastian's right now. At the pool this summer he would wear his rash guard and my friends would comment on how he "looks like a surfer". Except its a struggle to get him to wash it every other day (must admit, it looks nice no matter what)...and he only uses conditioner if I remind him, lol. The girls are starting to notice him, thankfully for now he is clueless (at the grocery store the other day..."Why was that girl smiling at me? I dont even know her!)I know as a teen I would have loved a guy with that hair! (Of course I am also biased being that I think he is extremly handsome of course)
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    She's absolutely beautiful, what a little cherub! Does your friend know you posted the photos here? I hope you don't think I'm rude, just asking because if it were my child I'd want to know if one of my friends posted their picture on the internet.

    Her hair is simply stunning! My father always jokes that I had quite a big head and very little hair when I was little, and that my head looked like an Easter egg, lol!

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    How old is Adalyn? That's a whole lot of hair, and the curls just accentuate it.

    My friend from birth had hair like that too, some girls are just blessed. I was a baldy.
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    Grace, yes she does! No it's totally ok, I get where you're coming from. She actually used this site to find Adalyn's name. So yeah, I'm trying to get her to make an account! By the way, I love your profile picture- I have some pumps that look exactly like that, I wore them on my wedding day. Yes, I am out of the ordinary. :P

    Adalyn is 6 1/2 months old. I call her my little Chia.

    My husband only swears by Aussie- he is infatuated with it! Sebastian sounds like a surfer in training? That's so cute, I could just picture him saying that...haha!

    I'm a sucker for people with good hair- I should have been a cosmetologist...
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    She's gorgeous! I hope my baby will have hair like that, I had tons of hair when I was little, and it's still really thick & long. my boyfriend has lots of hair too, but he's a blondie.

    My nephew was born with a thick, shiny black mohawk!

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