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    We have a new Shih Tzu Puppy, named :)

    Hubby brought her home this weekend, she is 12 weeks, and the kids and I just adore her!! She is red/gold with a black "mask". We decided to name her : Penelope Francine aka "Penny" for short (and her color is rusty like a penny
    She joins Bentley Sebastian (who is an 8 yo Brussel griffon/poodle mix, and I named him after the car...long before Bentley was in vogue )
    Just had to share!
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    LOVE! I have a blonde shih-tzu with a black mask named Pollyanna Pine, "Polly." When she was little like yours, she was much more red. Her coat has definitely faded to a beautiul blonde, and the mask has greyed a bit. My last shih-tzu before Polly (RIP) was named Francesca Rose, "Frannie." I LOVE shih-tzus! Have fun with your angel!
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    Congrats on the new addition to your family! The name Penelope is a nice choice. My mom has a Doberman named Penny Pinscher

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    She will be a precious part of your family for years to come! I know because we have two Shih Tzu that will be 5 years old at Christmas time! Their names are Adella Ginger and Emma Dawn (nn's Addie and Emmy) They are the sweetest little babies and our daughter adores them. I couldn't imagine our family withouth Addie and Emmy

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    Love shihtzus! I have a 5-year-old shihtzu named Lilianna Monster, Lily for short.

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